Monday, April 30, 2012

A Simple Apron to Sew

Aprons have become very popular again. Just look in magazines, on the net, or in book and craft stores, and you'll find numerous apron ideas. For most, it's the new fashion statement. For me, it's a necessity.

The first year we moved to the farm, I realized why our grandmothers wore them--for the obvious reason of protecting clothing--but for the less obvious reason of providing pockets to carry all kinds of tools, supplies, work gloves, keys, etc. Aprons have been a big help to me in the garden or in helping John with his building projects.

Looking at all the brightly colored aprons for sale on Etsy, I decided I needed something to spark up my own summer wardrobe--a working apron with big pockets and lots of fun trims--something that's fast to make and durable. I went to my stash of fabrics and started measuring and cutting. It was a projects that grew as I went along.

The apron turned out so well that I thought I'd share it with you. Even a novice seamstress will be able to put this one together!

Supplies Needed:
 3 Coordinated Fabrics, approximately 3/4yard each
Several Coordinating Trims, such as ribbons, rick-rack
1 Re-cycled Denim Pocket 
Recycled Shirt Buttons
Scissors, Pins, Needles
Sewing Machine
Serger (optional)
Chalk or Pencil for Marking


Gather together all the supplies. 
Decide where each fabric is to be placed--apron, pocket, waist band, ties.
Cut apron 16" x 25"
Pocket 10 3/4" x 25"
Waist band 4 1/2" x 25"
Ties 4 1/2" x 33" (x2)

Turn under 1/4" at the top of the pocket piece and stitch down.

Stitch selected trims onto upper pocket. Play around with the trims. Have fun with it.

Cut a piece of green ribbon (I used grograin). Pin vertically for the flower stem. Stitch down sides, top, and bottom of the ribbon, turning under the top of the ribbon.
Position the recycled pocket so that the lower flower stem is covered. Pin and stitch.

Stitch pocket onto apron at the bottom, placing the right side of the pocket to the wrong side of the apron so that the seam will be hidden inside the pocket.

Flip pocket up to right side of apron. Divide the pocket into sections by running vertical lines of stitching. I decided on three sections for my apron--one line of stitching at the flower stem and one between the flower stem and the right edge.

By now, your apron pieces are probably not even. Not to worry.  Take your ruler and "square" it up! This is important for the apron to hang correctly.
Fold the waist band in half and press. Interfacing can be placed inside for added strength. I actually used a single piece of the same fabric.  
Stitch band onto apron.

Fold ties in half and stitch a 1/4" seam. Turn to outside, placing the seam to the center. Press.

Pin ties to waist band, lining up edges. 
Run a line of stitching down each side of the apron, including the ties.

Turn side edges under and stitch. Your apron is almost finished! 

For the flower, cut at least three circles of different sizes from the left-over fabric. I cut 2 denim and 1 each of the multicolor and pink fabrics. You can use Fray Check, or a similar product on the edges, or leave the edges to fray, as I did.
Stitch down each circle with regular or embroidery thread. I used a double strand of regular black sewing thread.

Position flower and stitch down.

Now, add recycled shirt buttons for the flower center. Tie a bow with your choice of green ribbon for the flower leaves. Attach. (I used a clear button, but you can just tack it down by hand.)
Maybe add a fun pin and a pair of garden gloves and you're ready for work!

I think I'll go to work myself. . .
Time to head for the garden. . .

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Betsy said...

The apron is lovely. ..good directions on how to make it, oo.

Anonymous said...

great gift idea, too

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Oh your apron turned out so darn cute! I love all of the little extras that you have added. I really should wear an apron in the garden. I am always tucking things into my pants pockets. Flowers I deadhead, small weeds I pull out, etc. Thanks for sharing this with Share Your Cup!
p.s. Great tutorial.

Little Susie Home Maker said...

Hi! I agree with you about aprons! They have made a come back, and I use them as a necessity, as well! You really did a good job of making this one so cheerful! Love all of your fabrics, trims, and recycled stuff! Nice tutorial, too!

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