Sunday, April 29, 2012

Retro 50s At The Old Greyhound Bus Station

Copyright: D Duncan 2012

Retro 50s Party
The Place: The newly renovated 1937 Grayhound Bus Station,
Blytheville, Arkansas
The Date: Saturday, April 28
The Time: 6:30 p. m.

Copyright: D Duncan 2012

Let's take a peek. . .


"And, she'll have fun, fun, fun
Til her Daddy takes the T-bird away. . ."

For more history:
 Greyhound Bus Station


Beth said...

OH my goodness! i am positively swooning! 30s bus station? adorable dresses? Shiny old cars? The beach Boys? yes, thank you! wonderful pictues! you have a wonderful eye for photography! I do have a quick question though. Have you ever heard of Penny's Diner? They are little 50s diners that i think are scattered across the country following some rail roads. its really good. Thats what these pictures remind me of. Oh yes and if you're ever in south-central Kansas (Wichita, Emporia, El Dorado, and sorrounding areas) Be sure to stop by a Spangles fast food place. Its super good and 50s! oh so 50s diner! its great and we all love it here. Ok, I think i be quiet now. Thanks for the wonderful pictures!

Bill said...

I'm a guy so my eyes go directly to the old cars (no offense ladies). The tbird is really is awesome.

SouthernSimplicity said...

That t-bird WAS awesome--but the Plymouth was fine, too.
Great party!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lucy said...

dru-love the glasses!

Anonymous said...


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