Friday, December 30, 2011

Quilting The Crazy Crooked T-Shirt Quilt

Time to start quilting the Crazy Crooked T-Shirt Quilt top. Continuing with the utility quilt theme, I've chosen an old, soft flannel sheet for the filler. Delta quilters often used old blankets, sheets, and even burlap as their filler. For the backing, I stitched together several left-over pieces of cotton fabric. 

Utility quilting is perfect for this top, using cotton crochet thread and a large eye needle. You can't go wrong with utility quilting. Big stitches are mandatory. 

 There are many utility stitches other than the straight stitch.  

Here's just a few. . .

I love the primitive look to utility quilting. Don't try to make the stitches perfect.
Find the beauty in imperfection.

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