Monday, April 29, 2013

Farmhouse Chic?

Farmhouse Chic? In the keeping room?
I think so. . . .but I'm liking it. . . .

After we shut down and thoroughly clean the fireplace each Spring, there remains a big gaping cavern at that end of the room.  I've tried filling it with ferns or flowers, covering it with a huge drying rack full of linens, or adding faux fences. . . .It still looked like the dark end of an otherwise bright and cheerful keeping room.

One day recently, John and I were moving the wicker love seat out of the living room (yes, we're still working on the living room repairs--when we get a few moments). . . .The only place to put the wicker was in the keeping room. . . .We plunked it down in front for the fireplace. . . .I liked it!. . . .I began to add to the area, as we brought in junkin' finds. . . .Before I knew it, I had bright and light Farmhouse Chic. . . .or did I?

There's still plenty Plain & Simple Farmhouse Style also. . . .Hey. . . .Maybe I'm combining the two?
I know what I'm doing!. . . .I'm developing my own signature style, aren't I?

Nothing wrong with that!

Anyone who has visited The Country Farm Home knows that I love to incorporate vintage clothing in my decor. . . .There's a softness that fabric lends to a room. . . .It's one of my favorite things. . . .

Utilizing cotton feed sacks also adds softness--advertising included. . . .Never have enough. . . .Always love seeing them. . . .Pretty. . . .and Functional.

Here on the farm, we never heard of French grain sacks and such. . . .Sturdy, woven cotton bagging abounded. . . . Feed and seed bags, sugar and flour bags,  pick sacks, tow sacks, potato sacks. . . .I don't guess there was anything we didn't put in cotton bagging. . . .Once emptied, washed and dried, they provided free fabric yardage. . . .We made aprons, undies, curtains, quilts, dresses, blouses, pillow covers, slipcovers, bed covers--you name it--we made it.

Sturdy? Tremendousely. . . .Withstands many, many washings. . . .and only grows softer and more beautiful with age. . . .

Faded?. . . .Doesn't matter. . . .

Spots and stains or an occasional hole in the bagging doesn't bother me. . . .It adds charm. . . .and a shabby farmhouse touch. . . .

It says to me,
"Come on, sit a spell. . . .You can't muss me up any more than I am already."

During the summer, I enjoy keeping journals. . . .what we plant. . . .what we crafted. . . .recipes tried. . . .canning notes. . . .personal thoughts. . . .So, the little prim table we used all winter for open hearth cooking has become a summer desk. . . .

I couldn't resist adding my Mom's first pair of glasses. . . .She was only three years old when she started wearing them. . . .I think of her often on warm weather days. . . .She was continually busy with sewing, crafting, canning, gardening. . . .much like us. . . .traditions continue on. . . .and so does the endless work. . . .but, it fills the heart with an appreciation of a simpler life. . . .

I think we'll enjoy a little place to rest during our work breaks. . . .a place to grab a magazine, lean back, and get comfy for a few minutes. . . .or at the end of the day.

Yep. . . .I think I'm gonna like it. 

. . .from my farmhouse to yours. . .

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Country Sundays--Promises

"How high's the water, Mama?
Two feet high and rising. . . ." *

It's rained non-stop for the past two days. . . .and nights. . . .The Mississippi River is rising and all it's tributaries. . . .Every year the snows in the North melt, the Spring rains come, and we watch anxiously as the waters rise and our homes and crops in the Delta are threatened. . . .

"How high's the water, Mama?
Three feet high and rising. . . ." *

It's a concern--and sometimes a blessing--that has spanned the decades. . . .
"My mama always taught me that good things come 
from adversity if we put our faith in the Lord. 
We couldn't see much good in the flood waters when 
they were causing us to leave our home, 
but when the waters went down, 
we found that it had washed a load of rich black dirt across the land. 
The following year we had the best cotton crop we'd ever had." *

"How high's the water, Mama?
Five feet high and rising. . . ." *

Sunday Blessings
. . .from my farmhouse to yours. . .

* "Five Feet High and Rising"
Music by Johnny Cash, the son of a Delta Farmer

Friday, April 26, 2013

It's Feature Time! . . . from Country Whites Weekend #5

Time to show the Top Five Most Viewed Posts!
From where?
From the The Country Farm Home 
Country Whites Weekend!

Chateau Chic
Everyone's entries were fantastic this month. . . .
We loved them ALL!
Cindy and I want to thank you so much for joining in. . . .
We certainly appreciate each one of you! And, that's the truth!

So. . . .I'll get right to the Features. . . . 
I'm sure your curiosity is brimming over. . . .
The #1 Most Viewed Post is

Mary Alice is treating her Spring Fever with a big dose of Pansies and Porch Decor!
Such a charming setting to kick back and relax on a warm day. . . .
If you missed it, please visit and stay for a while. . . .
Mary Alice's blog is always full of inspired ideas!

The #2 Most Viewed Post goes to

Did you see what this lady did with thrifted tea towels?
I was so inspired, I'm beginning to eye my own towels with new interest!
Fantastic idea, Anne!
Don't miss seeing this one!



Well, Jann's done it again! Charmed us all with her Country Whites 
and thrifting finds. . . .Jann's renovating her basement into a 
Farmhouse style. . . . and stocking up on vintage finds for it.
Hop on over and see what she'd doing. . . .Have a daily cup with her. . . .

The #4 Most Viewed Post is



Cindy brings us her own evolving Farmhouse Style. . . .
It is a 'Home Sweet Home' for sure. 
John's already decided he'll copy that cute church birdhouse! 
With Cindy's permission, of course!
Don't miss this post, Ladies!

 #5 Most Viewed Post?????

My Other Blog

You'll have to check Cindy's. . . .
to find out. . . .
And, while you're there, visit with her for a while. . . .

Congratulations to all! 
Be sure to grab this button! 

Country Whites Weekend
begins every third Friday of each month and runs through Sunday night. . . .
You can join the next one on
Friday-Sunday, May 17-19, starting early Friday morning.
Please feel free to paste our button on your blog. . . .

Thanks for a great weekend!
Hope to see each of you again. 
 Til next month. . .

. . . from my farmhouse to yours. . .

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

They're Bugging Me!

What's bugging me?
Well, LOOK!

My darling little bugs. . . .

Have you seen them flying around your home?. . . .No?. . . .Well, get your craft hat on and make a few!. . . .All you need are small bottles, wire, marbles, washers and glue. . . .and some imagination.

Any bottle will do. . . .different sizes and shapes. . . .blue Pepto bottles, glass salt shakers, perfume bottles, large Christmas light bulbs, anything that has a neck for attachment. . . .Loop wire into wings, spray with gold paint, attach with more wire and glue around the neck of the bottle (use clear glue--mine yellowed a little). . . .Add washers and marbles with more glue. . . .Hang with another wire. . . .OR, wire onto a sturdy stick for poking into potted plants. . . .Make a bunch and gather in a pot. . . .The options are endless. . . .Let your imagination run away with you! Before long. . . .

They'll be bugging you, too!

Hope we made you SMILE

. . .from my farmhouse to yours. . .

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Monday, April 22, 2013

A Closer Look at a Few Friday Finds

Did you see the post at Our Old Country Store. . . .all about our Friday Finds?

It was a gorgeous, sunny Spring day as we traveled to a nearby Delta town--this time on business--booo. . . .Not one to let business get in the way of our fun, I insisted we do a little junkin' along the way. . . .didn't want the beautiful day wasted on more serious matters . . . .We came across a few yard sales and visited our favorite junkin' places. . . .We got the business end done, too!

It seemed everyone was selling out their "old" china and Ironstone. . . .at cheap, cheap prices. . . .I'm a sucker for both, as you can see above. . . .but, my purchases also caused a strange thing to happen. . .It caused me to CLEAN OUT my own "old" dishes and replace them with my newest collection--vintage farmhouse style dinnerware. . . .as I remember seeing in older homes when I was growing up. . . .

It began with these two pieces. . . .They are Homer Laughlin. . . .almost look and feel like English Ironstone. . . .trimmed in gold overlay on white. . . .I've never considered pieces such as this before. . . .can't believe I've passed them over so many times. . . .

Then came the teacups. . . .gold on the outside. . . .beautiful flowers on the inside. . . .Aren't they lovely?. . . .I think one of the reasons I love vintage dinnerware is the detail--the special touches. . . .

But, my absolute favorite--and the thing that decided me on a new collection--were these beautiful, everyday dishes. . . . .The minute I saw them, I was in love. . . .I do remember dishes such as these in the farmhouse kitchens. . . .a little bit of color and beauty added to a day of endless tasks. . . .For me, they say, "True Farmhouse Style". . . .Not all the pieces are the same pattern, but all mix and match very well. . . .The plate shapes are similar, too. . . .soft and sweet and charming. . . .

Some have gold around the edges, some don't. . . .
The one on the right (my favorite) is Knowles China. . . .the one on the left is Homer Laughlin, Virginia Rose.
There are no markings on the creamer, but isn't it a beauty?

Do you know anything about these dishes? I'd love to hear their story. . . .Were they premiums at gas stations or inside detergent boxes. . . .or, were they cheaper dimestore specials?
Please enlighten me!

Once I got them home, I knew my love had grown and I'd be using them in our farmhouse. . . .They'll be a beautiful addition to the white dinnerware. . . .Will add that pop of color I love.

Couldn't resist these cute little potties either. . . .Where else could one go but in the bath beside the tub?

 In the kitchen, I added a 1930s-40s mixing bowl to  the baker's cabinet. . . .

Well used. . . and will be used even more. . . .I think I can get the staining out--Do you have any tips for me? I found the napkins with the same flower but a little different coloring. . . .Must have been a popular print in it's day.

A sturdy wicker hamper was another find that I'll put to use very soon as a summer side table. . . .

Did you notice the bottom half of a vintage lantern? The top was missing, but the price was cheap. . . .25c. . . .I'll use it as a flower vase. . . .I think. . . .

Wow! I only had time to show you a few finds. . . .Maybe I chatter too much?
If you'd like to see more, click on this link: Our Old Country Store

. . .from my farmhouse to yours. . .

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