Tuesday, December 15, 2015

My Secret Recipe for Quick and Easy Choco-P'Nut Butter Fudge

CHRISTMAS was never Christmas without Mom's HOMEMADE FUDGE. . .She made it the old way. . .on top of the stove. . .boiling SUGAR and CHOCOLATE and BUTTER until it formed a soft ball (never could get that technique down). . .Then taking it off the heat and 'beating' the fudge by hand until it began to harden. . .Next. . .the PECANS went in. . .and all was turned out into a greased pan to cool. . .It WAS delicious. . .I'm sorry to say, I never learned the technique. . .It was one of those things where Mom always did it and I felt no need to try it for myself. . .I'm sure there are plenty of RECIPES in the older COOKBOOKS but honestly I'm not tempted to try. . .not since I perfected a recipe that pleases myself and John and is always a hit at the church BAKE SALE. . .I've never divulged my SECRET. . .until now. . .
Takes 5-10 minutes of your time. . .and it literally melts in your mouth! DELICIOUS & EASY. . .
There are so many variations and possibilities using this basic recipe. . .For example, add miniature MARSHMALLOWS and drop by spoonfuls onto wax paper for a fudge-y candy.
I've also added COCONUT. . . M & M's. . .CHOCOLATE or VANILLA CHIPS. . .OATS (makes it healthier. . .GRIN). . .Let your imagination be your guide.
One more tip. . .If you like the BLONDE P'NUT BUTTER FUDGE, replace the chocolate icing with Vanilla. . .so RICH AND CREAMY. . .
Is your mouth watering? . .It only takes a few minutes to make this QUICK AND EASY FUDGE. . .So go on. . .TREAT yourself. . .It's CHRISTMAS. . .forget the diet. . . (wink)

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Pam said...

This looks really good AND easy! I was going to make fudge in a few days, I may have to try this. Thank you for the recipe!

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