Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wow! A Couple of Junkin' Freebies Made All the Difference!

Aren't freebies the best kind of junk? . . .And I found two!
One is a three-step painters ladder--complete with shelf. . . .
The other is a chippy, weathered cypress plank from an old plantation barn.
I am more excited about these two finds than anything else I bought
at the thrift stores. . . .although thrifting was fine, too. . . .
Let me explain. . . .
For years I've looked for a bathtub tray so that I could reach my soap and toiletries easier.
Until now, I had to put soap, towel, and other goodies on a chair beside the tub.
This tub is so deep (but I love it) that I couldn't reach anything at floor level.
I wanted John to build a simple tray. . . .Nothing elaborate. . . .but he thought it
should be special wood, a special pattern and hours of time in the workshop. . . .
I never got one. . . .Other priorities came first. . . .I understood but it didn't help my dilemma.
Then one day as I cruised through Pinterest, I ran across a prim solution. The pin showed an old gray board directly from the barn placed across the tub. . .We have barns. . . .We have boards. . . .
but most are painted red or without paint at all. . . .I filed the idea in my mind for later.


I did a lot of junkin' this past weekend. . . .but my first and best find was along the road. . . .
I spotted the little ladder in a trash pile. . . .My heart began racing. . . .I pushed down on the gas pedal so I'd get to it before anyone else saw it. . . .Not a big problem since no one else was on the road. . . .But I was also running the risk that the owner might come back and realize his mistake and take it away. . . . I could tell it had just the right amount of chippy and gray for my bath. . . .I might not have to drag that chair to the tub anymore. . . .It was just the right height for towels, soap, whatever. . . .Boo would love it, too. . . .He loves climbing ladders, as you know.
In what seemed like hours--but was only seconds--I was reaching for the ladder. . . .fully expecting it to fall apart when I picked it up. . . .No. . . .Nothing broken. . . .Nothing to repair. . . .Could I be so lucky. . . .I kept glancing at the house. . . .No one appeared. . . .It WAS in a pile of trash. . . .OK. . . .They had their chance. . . .It was mine.
I'd like to think some painter trashed it because it had become a little wobbly. . . .
or he wanted a metal one. . . .or a taller one. . . .or he retired. . . .
I thought of all kinds of reasons why he'd thrown this gem away.
I'd hate to think a female threw it out!
Although, it's exactly something my Mom would have done.
She and I never saw eye to eye as to what was valuable. . . .(smile). . . .

Once back at the farm, I was showing John my prize when he said something about it looking a lot like the boards he'd brought home from the old Simmons Plantation--not far from our farm.
He helped demolish one of the barns there a year or so ago (?)
 and brought home some of the wood and tin. . . .I thought he had used all of it on a project.
He hadn't? Where was it?
He pointed me in the direction he last saw the left-overs and wished me luck.

I ended up in the big barn after checking out all the other buildings.
Have you ever had the fun of poking around in a big old barn?
It's a thrill. . . .The smell of the wood. . . .the nooks and crannies . . .the lofts and the bins. . . .the anticipation of the hunt.
It's like junkin' in your own back yard!
I didn't know what I'd do with the boards if I found them. . . .yet, the moment I spotted THIS chippy white board, the idea from Pinterest came back to mind. . . .hmmmmmm. . . . .
The right width. . . .The right length. . . .The right thickness. . . .The right amount of
peeling paint. . . .The right color. . . .What a winning pair my two finds would be together!

They both ended up at the tub. . . .John wanted to build a tray (that 'special' one) with the chippy wood. . . .I finally convinced him I didn't want a tray. . . .The board was all I needed. . . .It was perfect in it's imperfection. . . .He did nail a couple of pieces of wood on the underneath side to keep the board from shifting. . . .He said--and he was right--Boo would be the first to play on it and probably would knock everything to the floor. . . .I agreed. . . .but that was the only concession.

I love the imperfect, time-worn look that the 'washboard' and the ladder have brought to the bath. . . They are more than freebies. . . .I prefer to see them as gifts. . . .from some unknown painter 'friend'. . . .and from a part of Delta history. . . .I see no more appropriate place for them to end up. . . .They are both totally at home in our farmhouse bath.
I have a few other finds I want to show you. . . .but it will have to be another day. . . .Our weather has turned really nice. . .
Time to get out in the yard and see what I can do there.
Gardening anyone?
. . .from my farmhouse to yours. . .

Friday, April 25, 2014

A Little More Tweaking in the Kitchen

Making a few more changes in the kitchen today. . . .adding a primitive, unfinished painting I picked up at a thrift store for 50 cents. . . .rearranging crockery. . . .adding a huge 'bouquet' of cotton bolls. . . .taking the chair aprons off. . . .geraniums to the bathroom window sill.
A friend of John's will be coming this weekend to help with the log cabin. . . .I couldn't picture them sitting on the apron chair covers. . . .Can you? (Apron Slipcovers) . . .Or, maybe I CAN picture it. . . .A funny sight for sure (giggle). . . .I thought they'd appreciate it if the aprons were gone. . . .I took the geraniums out of harm's way, too. . . .You can't be too careful when men get together!

I tried to make things a little more masculine. . . .No roses in the pitcher. . . .Just plain and simple. . . Stalks of Cotton were my choice for the table. . . .I figured guys could relate to that. . . .I've never used Cotton any time other than the Fall, but I think I like the look for Summer, too. . . .To me, it's just as beautiful as any flower. . . .I am a Cotton Farmer's Daughter through and through. . . .I love Cotton!
I'm heading out to the local thrift stores. . . .No more 'to do' list until next week. . . .One of the stores is closing tomorrow. . . .and the other is on the verge. . . .I need to visit with the ladies who have done such a wonderful job in running them for many years. . . .I'll certainly miss them.
The only certain thing about Life is that it constantly changes. . . .(sigh). . . .

On a happier note. . . .The sun is shining. . . .The temps are perfect. . . .The flowers are blooming. . . .The birds are singing. . . .And, I have junkin' to do! . . .'To-do'? . . .That wasn't on my list was it? . . .(wink). . . .I think this just might be the best weekend we've had in a long time. . . . .Why don't you get out and have a great one, too? . . .You deserve it!
Til next week. . . .

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


 Good Morning, Everyone! . . .I have a special reveal in the kitchen for you!
Setting the stage for warmer weather and ending the clutter of winter.
White-Wicker-Wood are the style elements. . . .The wall of cupboards 
was the place I focused on. . . .It's the bright spot of our kitchen,
 especially when the sun is shining as it was this past weekend.
Put on you sunglasses. . . .
A few of these images are bright. . . .and not due to a
camera malfunction either. . . .The room is honestly this bright.
My 'Go-To Three' for Summer--every Summer--are:
WHITE--Bright, Warm and Clean
WICKER--Warm and Inviting
WOOD--to make everything Pop!. .A 'backdrop'. .
.A 'canvas' to 'paint' my style upon
I threw open the cupboard doors to show the white
 of our ironstone pieces and the backdrop of wood. . . .
I pulled the white wicker chair off the porch and wrapped a
flour sack around the cushion. . . .That took care of the 'white'. . . .
What about the top of the cupboards?
It's always a challenge to me for some reason. . . .until this year.
I've loved wicker storage for years and have accumulated
numerous baskets. . . .open ones and picnic style.
Until now, I've utilized them in the library to hide loose papers,
cards, office supplies, anything that was potential clutter.
In that room I also stacked the baskets on top of the bookshelves. . . .
As I began cleaning out the library this winter, I gave away boxes of clutter
 that had collected over the years. . . .that I'd crammed into the wicker baskets.
Once I finished, I had several empty ones. . . .That's when I decided
to move the extra baskets to the kitchen to help with the clutter of my collections there,
as well as to hide those items I didn't use everyday but still needed them handy. . . .
I'm sure you know what I mean. . . .Seems like every time I put those
not-so-much-needed items into storage, within a few days
I'm looking for them again.
I wasn't sure how the wicker would look in the kitchen--might be
too plain and maybe look top heavy--but John and I both love the look. . . .
the clean lines and  simplicity.

Isn't it odd that we get into such ruts of thinking without
 challenging ourselves with new ideas? . . .The wicker baskets have always
been a part of the library. . . .I never thought to use them anyplace else.
There's a lesson in this, ladies!
We need to walk around our homes more often 
with an eye for the possibilities, don't we?
That's how this one wall reveal came about in the kitchen. . . .
Not a lot of changes but made a big difference.
Oh. . . .As always, I needed a splash of color, too. . . .but I'm sure you noticed that!
What can I say? . . .I like a little color with my whites.
There are many images for inspiration in this post. . .
I won't talk on and on about each little detail. . . .
Instead, I'll let you scroll down them at your leisure.
If you'd like to see what my other 'Go-To Three' for the kitchen are, please visit
Hope you enjoy these changes with Summer in mind. . . .
Time to scoot Old Man Winter out the door!


 . . .from my farmhouse to yours. . .
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has been going on since the first week in April. Some of my emails are not going
to you and I'm not receiving a few of yours. . .If you've tried to get in touch with me
and I haven't answered, I probably didn't get the message. . . .I've also noticed
some of my comments on your blogs are coming back also. . . .Yahoo is suppose to be
working on it today. . . .We'll see. . .(sigh)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Fit To Be Tied

Hi Everyone!
We woke up yesterday morning to frost. . .VERY rare for us this time of year. . . But I think some of our friends to the North had snow! . . .It IS the middle of April, isn't it? . . .and Easter is right around the corner?

I wanted to brighten up the summer kitchen chairs with slipcovers for Spring. . .I let time get away from me to do any sewing before Easter. . .Then I remembered an idea I saw in one of the popular country magazines this year (was it Country Living?). . . I thought it was a clever idea and so simple. . .Made me say to myself, "Now why in the world didn't you think of that?"

APRONS. . . Straight from the collection. . .Washed--starched--and ironed. . .It's a fast dress up for  farmhouse chairs--like one-step slipcovers! . . .

It's as simple as tying the apron onto the chair. . . The magazine suggested that you leave the strings a little loose so they won't pull when you sit down. . . .A good idea. . . I went one step further and placed double-side sticky tape right on the chair to keep the aprons from shifting. . . Problem solved. . . .

For Easter, I love the pastel colors of these half aprons. . . Luckily (grin),  I have quite a collection of the smocked ones to choose from. . . I had plans to one day draw patterns from the different designs. . . Back when Mom and I were English smocking everything in sight, I thought the gingham smocking would be a nice diversion. . . That was how many years ago? . . .I don't want to count. . . I no longer have any illusions that I'll ever copy the patterns. . . But, I'd never part with the aprons. . . Probably because the very first apron I made in Home Ec was a smocked one! . . .I know you're not surprised. . . I do still have it. . . A gold gingham large check number. . . not at all as delicate and beautifully made as these. . .

While I was primping the farmhouse chairs, I wanted to try a bibbed apron look. . . I started with an adult apron. . . .For me, it was way too long, too wide, and I saw nothing of the chair. . .I remembered a couple of children's aprons I'd picked up on a recent junkin' trip. . . Maybe they would work? . . .I love them! . . .Perfect size, too. . . The problem (if you want to call it a 'problem') is---I only have two. . . .Oh, Shoot! . . .Now, I have to go junkin' again. . . (grin). . .

What do you think? . . .Which are your favorites? . . .Aprons and Farmhouse go together. . .There's no doubt about it. . . like two peas in a pod. . .The inspiration came from a magazine. . .but I made it all my own. . .without getting out the sewing machine!

PLAIN AND SIMPLE. . .Farmhouse Style.

To all of you dear, dear blogging friends. . .Thank you so much for your kind and concerned comments about my close call with a staph infection. . . I haven't been able to visit much with you these last few weeks. . . My time on the net has been limited. . .only a few minutes here and there. . . The swelling and infection affected my eyes, making it uncomfortable. . .besides the fatigue. . .To tell you the truth, it zapped me!. . .And that's it in a nutshell! . . .I am doing MUCH better. . . Now to get caught up. . . and get back--GRADUALLY--into the world again. . . I hope this will be the first of several posts to come this month. . . and I plan to be visiting with you again soon. . . Let's keep our fingers crossed. . .

Hugs and Blessing to You All

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I was recently asked how I pulled the country farmhouse look together in the kitchen. . . .
What were the things I returned to over and over again?
I had to  think about it.
Some things are such a constant at the farmhouse that it's a surprise when others ask. . . .
I forget not everyone lives this way. . . .(grin). . . .

I sat down at the kitchen table and looked around. . . .
what WERE the elements I cherished the most in farmhouse d├ęcor?
I decided that flour, milk, sugar weren't the only staples in my kitchen.
WOOD and CROCKERY are used over and over again,
in one form or the other.
Everything else is accessories. . . .
one of my favorites being prim hearts. . .
reminding me of the love and care that goes into homemaking. . . .
love and care I grew up with and strive to achieve in our own home.
I also began to see a pattern developing in the choices of Crocks--Wood--Hearts:
Crocks are rarely used for their original purpose, though. . . .as many of you know. . .
This one is filled with napkins. . . .
These are filled with packages of quinoa, noodles, and other cooking needs. . . .
I suppose you noticed I don't always use bread boards for cutting either?
Especially the vintage ones. . . .They are too special. . . .
I lucked out with this beauty to serve as a crock lid.
Yep. . . .I'd have to say, CROCKS--WOOD--HEARTS
are my main Go-To Three. . . .
They are the  Plain and Simple Farmhouse Style kitchen staples.
Every true farmhouse has them. . . .and I think
Every true farmgirl loves them.. . . .Don't you?
Maybe you don't have as many as I have. . . .
Afterall, I've been collecting and using crocks, wood, and hearts for 30+ years. . . .
but, I bet you have plenty stashed away somewhere.
 Then visit those thrift stores and flea markets!
Crocks can be pricey, but every now and then I come across a good buy. . . .
Wood items are always plentiful. . . .
I bought all the bread boards you see in this post at thrift stores for pennies.
Add a few to your kitchen and you have. . . .
Instant 'Farmhouse.'

I have more decorating staples coming you way, but first. . . .

I would like to give you a quick update on a couple of things I feel I should share with you. . . .
I found the 'gifters'. . . .and did they get a chuckle out of it! . . .They only confessed last week. . . .Turns out it's a family piece--from my oldest cousin and his wife. . . .which makes it all the more precious to me. . . .They live two hours or so away but were in our area that day and decided to leave the ironstone at the door since we weren't home. . . . Then they sat back and enjoyed seeing me try to find the donor. . . .It IS funny. . . .yet, I'm sure glad I now know the answer to the mystery!
I've been posting few and far between lately, I know. . . .It's been a long and busy winter. . . .We're re-thinking and re-vamping our farm for special programs and tours. . . .taxes. . . .bookwork. . . .making contacts. . . .I've been plagued with health problems besides the 'normal' fibromyalgia aches and pains. . . .First vertigo again, then the flu and a cough that has lasted two months. . . .Then last week John had to rush me to my doctor 45 miles away. . . .Evidently during my recent vacation in the hills, I came in contact with staph that began spreading quickly. . . .A long story. . . .The short report is that I was able to stay out of the hospital but was on 24 hour watch by John (and Boo). . . .John--bless his heart--had to be sure I took the super strength antibiotics every six hours (I was pretty out of it). . . .He had to place hot compresses on the affected areas, change dressings and kept in touch with the doctor. . . .What a wonderful nurse he turned out to be! . . .The initial outbreak was on my face. . . .I'm still 'whop-sided'  with swelling and a couple of 'bad' places but am doing better and I think on the mend. . . .still tender. . . .weak. . . .The medication takes a toll on me. . . .but I can handle it. . . .I just feel so thankful that it didn't get any worse than it did. . . .thanks to John who got me to the doctor on time.
I'm not one to share my aches and pains normally but I've missed so many of your posts and emails that I thought I should let you know what was going on with me. . . .I treasure each and every one of you and that you're always there for me with comments and support. . . .I am truly blessed with blogging friends.
Don't worry! I'll be fine now. . . .taking it easy and mending. . . .The crisis is over. . . .Just wanted to let you know what was going on here. . . .As usual, there's nothing normal about our life at the farm. . . .or maybe it is the norm now that I think about it?
. . .from my farmhouse to yours. . .

Thursday, April 3, 2014

As American As Apple Pie

Can't you almost smell these apple pies cooling in the window?
Apple Pie. . . .Grandmothers. . . .Love
True Americana at it's best.

I'm feeling a little nostalgic today. . . .Thinking about my Grandmother. . . .

Back when baking was done with windows wide open, I could smell Grandmother's pies and cakes a block away. . . .When I'd get a whiff of her Red Hot Cinnamon Apple Pie,  I made it a point to visit. . . . hoping for an opportunity for just a bite of pie before lunch. . . .Why was it so easy to talk a Grandmother into such a no-no? . . . .Remember how Mom's would say no sweets, 'It will ruin your lunch'. . . . . . . I can truly say, it never ruined mine!

Deep Dish Candy Apple Crisp
Red Hot Apple Pie in a Mug
Cinnamon Red Hot Apple Pie

We Americans love pie. . . .There’s something magical about a buttery, flaky crust baked around a sweet filling. . . .Who doesn't love a slice of fruity goodness? . . .Are you drooling, yet?

I have apples on my baking list for today. . . .I've been playing hooky for a couple of weeks. . . .Ran off to the Ozarks for a much needed break, leaving Boo and John alone to fend for themselves. . . .Feeling a little guilty. . . .Not much. . . .Only a little. . . .(grin). . . .While roaming the hills I ran into apples on sale. . . .Came home with several bags and a plan to pamper John just a tad. . . .Red Hot Cinnamon Apple Pie or Deep Dish Candy Apple Crisp (both his favorites). . . .maybe Apple Jelly. . . .or an Apple Cake or two (I make several and freeze them). . . .

So it was only natural that my thoughts were on Grandmother and her 'red hot' pie recipes. . .She added red hots not only to apple pies but also to peach pies and cobblers and her delicious fried pies. . . .Contrary to belief, adding red hots is not a new concept. . . .Cooks of the past knew first hand how well the red sugary treats melted during baking, adding a cinnamon-y flavor that couldn't be duplicated with regular pie spices.

I laugh when I say ' Grandmother's recipe'. . . .because there is no recipe. . . .I learned by watching her. . . .and a few experiments of my own. . . .For you who aren't as adventurous, I've done a little online research for you and found many wonderful recipes at Just A Pinch Recipes . (links below photos) . . . .There's even one for Red Hot Pie in a Mug!

If you like the more traditional apple pies--without red hots--here's a few recipes that sounded delicious, too. . . .

 And, here's my version of Grandmother's pie recipe:

Red Hot Cinnamon Apple Pie
In a large bowl, combine
6  cups apples, cored and sliced
1 tablespoon lemon juice
 3/4 cup sugar
1/4-1/2 cup red hots
2 tablespoons flour
Mix and let stand a few minutes, while you prepare your favorite two crust pastry. . . .or do as I do and buy 'Pillsbury" Ready Made. . . .(grin). . . .Roll one to fit into 9-inch pie pan. . . .Add apple mixture. . . .Dot with 2-3 tablespoons butter (yum). . . .Place second pastry on top, cutting slits for the steam to escape. . . .or weave strips of pastry to form a lattice top.
Bake at 425 degrees for 45 minutes, or until apples are tender.

I can't end without sharing
Grandmother's Deep Dish Candy Apple Crisp.
It is probably the easiest and our favorite.
I've posted her recipe before, but just in case you missed it. . . .

Deep Dish Candy Apple Crisp

 Now do I have you drooling?  
 Ready to bake a little love for your family?
It's as simple. . . .and as American. . . .
as baking an Apple Pie!
What else can I say?
Oh, yeah. . . .There is one more thing. . . .
 Don't forget to leave the window open!
. . .from my farmhouse to yours. . .

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