Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Finds From Three States

Sounds like we've been traveling, huh?
Well, yes--and--no.
Our farm is in the northeast corner of Arkansas, bordered by two states--
Missouri and Tennessee.
In fact, we're only 8 miles from Missouri, "as the Crow flies."
So it was relatively simple to go junking in all three states in one day. . .

We found a few primitives--and a few "shabbies"--
Not a bad day at all. . .

Tin items
Wooden Bowl
Oak Basket
Large Cheese Box
Henry McKenna Jug
Prim High Chair
Prim Youth Chair
Wooden ???? Basket of some kind?
Sugar Pail 
Small Pickle Crock
Prim Doll

Bed Tray (I love this!)
Glove and Hankie Boxes
Box of Vintage Baby Shoes
Vintage Child's Mittens--2 sets
1930s Porcelain Doll
Hat Box with Strap
Vintage Stool
Oval Tin Container


Beth said...

wow i just love hat boxes! i have quite a few but i need more! (well, not need but i do really like them) that is cool that you live so close to all those states! the pictures of your vintage finds really add to the aphmosphere here on your blog. I really love the design, fonts, everything. I enjoy coming here. Have a good day and congrats on the finds!

Rosie said...

this looks like it was a fun day. isn't it good to get out and away for a day?

SouthernSimplicity said...

Lots of miles but fun. . .

Old Time Cindy said...

Oh my! You have found so much! Great finds! I'm waiting for some good pickin' days!

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