Sunday, April 1, 2012

Overalls and Vintage Accessories From The 1930s

When it came to the question of what to wear for the photo shoot Pickin', Singin', and Shootin', all the men chose overalls and then accessorized them according to their individual tastes.

Several readers have inquired if they stayed true to the clothing available in the Great Depression era. 
So, I went straight to the source--1930s Sears catalogs! 

Notice that you can sure see each person's personality showing!

The Farm Overall (above)--plaid shirt and inexpensive cap.


The Casual Overall--white shirt and felt hat.


The "Sunday Go To Meeting" Overall--
white shirt, striped tie, suit coat, and felt hat.

The "Saturday Night Dress Up" Overall--
clean plaid shirt, suit coat, felt hat, 
pocket watch and chain.

The Work Day Overall--denim work coat, cotton shirt,
 leather shoes, and work hat.

The Any Day Overall--cotton shirt and bow tie.

I think the men did an excellent job of dressing for the 1930s. 
Believe it or not, they did it without consulting vintage catalogs,
 old magazines, or their wives.
Way to go, guys!

 Here are a few more accessories I found
from that era. 


Overall dressing is a popular trend today. 
Why not use some of these ideas to add a vintage look to your wardrobe?


SouthernSimplicity said...

This was a fun day!

Bill said...

i have a pair of overalls i'm gonna dig out of the closet and use some of your ideas. thanks

Rose said...

Good job, men!

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