Monday, March 5, 2012

Barn Quilts and Cross Stitch

Barn quilts have become very popular. Have you seen them?

As I crossed the country from Arkansas to Tennessee to Kentucky to Virginia over the last few years, I've watched numerous new "quilts" going up on old barns and sheds. Each one is a work of art and brings new life to the older farms.

Designing and painting my own barn quilts in 2008,
I mount them proudly on our own barns and sheds
every spring and summer.

Then, a friend in Texas took the barn quilts in another direction.
Tina loves to cross stitch, designing her own patterns 
from objects that interest her. 
She surprised me with lovely cross stitched pieces of my barn quilts! 
I was amazed at the detail she was able to achieve.

Just look. . .

Barn Quilt
The Widner-Magers Farm Historic District Logo

Cross Stitch

Barn Quilt
"John's Bow Ties"

Cross Stitch

Barn Quilt
"Grandmother Magers' Flower Garden Quilt"

Cross Stitch

Isn't her work amazing?

So, whether you paint a barn quilt
or cross stitch one,
why not add a touch of this popular art form
 to your home this year?


Marie said...

How do you make the barn quilts? They are beautiful.

The Farmers Daughter said...

I plan to post a tutorial this summer on "How To Paint A Barn Quilt."

Kimberly said...

Please do!
Our old barn has an ancient hex symbol, but just cries out for a quilt!

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