Thursday, February 27, 2014

Popcorn and Redwork

I bet your first thought was "HUH?"
What does popcorn and redwork have to do with each other?
The Answer?
Nothing--Normally--In this instance, they do.
Hang in there. . . .It will all become clear to you soon.
I wanted to brag a little. . . .Hope you don't mind.
I've told you over and over that I have no green thumb. . . .
but LOOK at my geraniums!
It's WINTER. . . .They're BLOOMING. . . .
The stems seem to be reaching for the sky. .  .
but. . .hey. . .They're not dead!
I'm so proud of myself for not killing them.
In fact, I have five plants that are doing just fine. . .
although I think they'd rather be out in Summer sun,
but who wouldn't?
I'm as proud as these 'PUFFED UP' kitchen chicks.
Along with red and white Dollar Tree popcorn containers
the geraniums have added a POP of color to our winter days. . . .
(Get it?  A 'POP' of color? . . .grin)
Yesterday I found left-overs from the holidays, including two bags of popcorn. . . .a bag of those huge marshmallows. . . .(what DO you do with those?). . . .and a half bag of red vanilla candy chips. . . .I had the makings of something for John's sweet tooth! . . .perfectly coordinated with the red and white February d├ęcor. . . .But, February is almost over, you say? . . .All the more reason to use them up.
I found the recipe on Pinterest. . . .It's basically the one we've all used for Rice Crispie Treats. . . .In the past, I've added a lot more ingredients to it--nuts, chocolate chips, M & M's, Rice Crispies, candy corn--whatever I had on hand. . . .I call it Popcorn Hash when I add a number of items together. . . .But, all I had on hand were the three left-overs. . . .They became Mini Popcorn Balls to POP in your mouth. (There's that word POP again!). . . .Takes no time to whip up a batch using the microwave.
                 Marshmallow Popcorn Balls or Popcorn Hash                    
Makes 8-10 Regular Size Popcorn Balls
or 20-25 Mini Popcorn Balls
or a lot of Popcorn Hash!
1/4 cup butter or margarine
40  regular size marshmallows
1/4 tsp. salt (if butter is unsalted)
1 tsp vanilla, optional
12 cups popcorn, popped
Melt butter in a Pyrex bowl in the microwave.  Add marshmallows--salt and vanilla if desired. Continue to melt in the microwave, stopping to stir every 10-15 seconds.  Heat until all is melted and combined well.
(Total time in my microwave about one minute)
 Spread popcorn on a pan or cookie sheet that has been lightly buttered. Pour the marshmallow mixture on top and toss with wooden spoons. Add vanilla chips last and mix.
(Chips are added last so that they don't melt in the hot marshmellow mixture)
Shape into mini or large balls with well-buttered hands.
For Popcorn Hash: Before pouring marshmallow mixture, add to the popcorn your choice of nuts, candied fruit, Oreo cookie pieces, tiny marshmallows, anything you choose that will not melt. Pour warm marshmallow mixture over the top and lightly toss with wooden spoons. Then add the candies and chips. Toss again. When cool, break up into bite size pieces and store in a sealed container.

I'll make another batch for SUNDAY's indoor picnic. . . .
(See where the redwork comes in?)
This time it will be 'Hash' and filled with all sorts of goodies,
which means a visit to the grocery store. . . .ugh. . . .
maybe I'll send John. . . .because. . . .
I was hoping there would be a few mini popcorn balls left for the weekend. . . .
Not a chance. . . .Mr. Sweet Tooth has discovered them!
I can see now. . . .
They're history!!!!
. . .from my farmhouse to yours. . . 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Thoughts from the Farmhouse Kitchen Window

A kitchen window. . . .with a time-worn farmhouse sink below.

For once, I'm without many words. .  .
I wanted to share these photos with you that--for me--conjure up all kinds
of memories and feelings, likes and desires, dreams and realities. . . .
but the truth is, I have few words to share. . . .

Sometimes perhaps it's better to be silent. . . .
to hold our thoughts dear. . . .

And, sometimes it's best to allow others to do the same. . . .

As I gaze out my own kitchen window,
I have to admit that today
 I am content and satisfied with life.

 . . .from my farmhouse to yours. . .

Friday, February 21, 2014

A Glamping We Will Go

beautiful camper this is what you call GLAMPING!! <3
'A Glamping we will go,
A Glamping we will go,
Heigh Ho, the Merry-O
A Glamping we will go!'
You do know what Glamping is, don't you?
Glamour Camping in a Vintage Travel Trailer!
Airstream interior -cabinet paint, faucet
Yep, I have a new Playhouse.
A 1973 Argosy 24 Airstream.
Airstream Camp - Three Points Ranch

I lived in an early 50s Airstream when I was in college.
Daddy bought it years earlier for our Summer
lake vacations. . . .When I went off to college, he moved it
so I could have a little of bit of 'home' with me.
He was such a sweetie. . . .

Before-after-interior of vintage trailer designed for Old Mac Daddy Luxury Trailer Park in Elgin, South Africa

I loved living in that Airstream and have wanted one of my own ever since.
"AA"----Airstream Addict
I spotted the one we bought three years ago,
at J R's Cars in Malden, Missouri.
He was asking more for it than our pocketbook could do,
but when we left, I looked at the Argosy 24 and told John,
'That's MY trailer.'

Every time we drove by--and it was still there--
I'd say again. . . .
'There's MY trailer!'
On a whim last week, I asked John to call J R
and ask if the price was still the same.
We want to take our looms on the road
and would like to have some of the comforts of home
to take with us.

Low and behold!!!!
We offered him what our pocketbook could pay
and he took it!

The previous photos are not my new playhouse. . . .
only daydreaming. . . .
It will be a while before I'll be able to show our renovation.
For now, though, we can use it--everything works--
and the glamping work can come later.
This one is ours:

She's a little pitiful looking right now,
but eventually she'll be a 'Glamper'.
I'm so grateful for a wish come true.

What the power of positive thinking can do!

(A Special Note Below)
. . .from my farmhouse (glamper) to yours. . .
 I want to thank all of you for your sweet comments
on our loss of Mr. Smokey. You have truly touched my heart
and John's. It's still a tender spot, but we are all adjusting. Thank you
for your good wishes and kindness.
There's a link to Heide's February
Apron of the Month at:
a link for a

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hearts and Good-byes


I had a beautiful post planned last week for Valentine's Day. . . .then. . . .Life Happened.
Seems as if life is happening a lot more frequently to us these last couple of years, now that I think about it. . . .The one thing we can all depend on is that Life WILL change, at times in a matter of hours.

I know many of you are animal lovers, just as we are. . . .It's always difficult when we lose one of them. . . .One of John's feline shop pals, Mr. Smokey, became suddenly ill last week. . . .For two days, it looked as if it was a minor problem. . . .Then early Friday, he took a turn for the worse. . . .within a few hours he was gone in spite of anything we or the vet could do. . . .As it turned out, it was a genetic disorder that often goes undetected. . . .with no known cure. . . .John's always maintained that Mr. Smokey and Little Bit were 'just shop cats'. . . .He wouldn't get attached. . . .Famous last words. . . .He was a wreck.

At the same time, my Boo (Mr. Velcro--he sticks to me) was also in the hospital fighting off another Addison's crisis. . . .Little Bit (Smokey's sis) was alive and well, yet she seemed to know Mr. Smokey was gone the minute it happened. . . .For three days she hid from us. . . .wouldn't eat. . . .grieving. . . .As if this wasn't enough, we had an out-of-town emergency. . . .Our world was topsy-turvey for a while. . . .

Good news, though. . . .Little Bit is eating again. . . .still sad, but she'll be fine. . . .
The emergency crisis is over. . . .
and Boo is back in my lap.

So the post I intended to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day
has become an opportunity to remind you to give your special companion
an extra hug and maybe a few more treats today. . . .
How quickly they steal your heart. . . .and how quickly that heart can suffer a loss.


Mr. Smokey

 Life is getting back to normal for us. . . .I say that with a smile. . . .
Life is rarely normal around here. . . .Each morning brings the possibility
of a new adventure. . . .and new blessings. . . .
yet, sometimes difficult, too. . .
Saying Good-bye has reminded both of us to
look for the Blessings in Life. . . .because. . . .My Friends. . . .
Life can be very Fragile.
. . .from our farmhouse to yours. . .

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Laundry

I knew the minute I opened my eyes that morning I was in for an adventure. . . .It was one of those things that you just know and spend the day in anticipation until the surprise is revealed.
It was a sunny but cold Christmas afternoon as we strolled the streets of Colonial Williamsburg. . .with no special destination. . . .until we neared the Peyton Randolph home. . . .A little voice inside my head said, "This is it. . . .There's something special here for you to see."

We visited the home--upstairs and down. . . .the garden house. . . .the stable. . . .the grounds.
The guided tour was almost over. . . .Did I hear wrong? . . .Did I miss it?
Then. . . .there it was. . . .the laundry behind the Randolph home. . . .I knew this was it. . . .I knew this was what I had been waiting for. . . .

Serene. . . .sunlight flooding through the window. . . .the room drew me in.
Lagging behind the others, I found myself alone in the calm and quiet of the long abandoned laundry. . . .in another time and place. . . .where tubs and buckets are scrubbed and waiting to be filled once more. . . .

Where Light and Shadow literally danced around the room. . . .From the corner of my eye, I thought I saw someone move. . . .Ghosts of the past played with my senses. . . .

What was that? . . .Did someone whisper something behind me? . . .I turned to answer. . . .No one in the room but myself. . . .although I could swear I heard someone laugh as I shook my head in disbelief. . . .
And there! . . .Was it another shadow. . . .or did something move by the fireplace? . . .I nervously giggled. . . .And who did I feel just now so close to me? . . .I stood very still for a time. . . .smiling from ear to ear. . . .feeling alone. . . .yet, not so alone. . . .
The minutes ticked off. . . .the only sound I heard now was the click of the camera as I tried to capture these special moments. . . .alone in the past. . . .with only my imaginings. . . .or were they?

Way too soon, it was time to leave. . . .my active imagination had run rampant long enough. . . .Afterall, it had to have been my mind playing tricks on me, didn't it? . . .Others waited for me to rejoin them in the 21st century. . . .I stepped outside and started down the narrow path.
Then. . . .on a whim. . . .I quickly glanced back through the door. . . .and stared--again--in disbelief. . . .

. . .from my farmhouse to yours. . . .

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