Saturday, March 22, 2014

English Ironstone Mystery

We have a mystery. . . .
This gorgeous English Ironstone Chamber Pot showed up on our doorstep a few weeks ago. . . .It's a wonderful turn-of-the-century piece. . . .No nicks. . . .No breaks. . . .and signed English Ironstone. . . .We thought someone would get in touch with us and claim 'responsibility'. . . . but so far, we haven't found the gift giver! . . .It's a complete mystery!

This beautiful vintage piece will be placed in our C. A. Smith Grocery Museum, so we'd like to document the donation. . . .We would also like to know the story behind it. . . .If you have any information, please email us:

It means so much to us that the local community has supported our endeavor here at the historic district.
Many thanks to all of you!

Now, Mystery Gifter. . . .It's time to reveal who you are!


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Farmhouse Signs of Spring. . .Are You Ready?

It's here! . . .It's here!
The first day of Spring!
Want to join me in a Happy Dance?
I thought Winter would last forever.
Evidently, Mother Nature got the memo, too!
We're suppose to have temps in the 70s tomorrow,
after temps in the 20s earlier in the week.
I'm energized! 
Spring Cleaning. . . .Spring Gardening. . . .
coming up SOON!
You better believe it!!!!
New Season. . . .New Beginnings. . . .New Blessings

Friday, March 7, 2014

Up A Ladder and Nowhere to Go

Do you ever find yourself up a ladder with nowhere to go?
It's been happening to me a lot lately. . . .

I don't know why Mom moved the ladder out in the middle of nowhere. . . .
I was just TRYING to HELP. . . .
She had that big fireplace and keeping room to clean, so
I looked around to see what I could get into do to help.
I spotted a ladder beside the cupboards. . . .Hey!!!! 
I could dust the tops of the cabinets. . . .and
I do LOVE climbing ladders!!!!!
The only thing I like more is jumping from the ladder to 'higher ground.'
It wasn't my fault I knocked off the enamelware and bird's nests. . . .
and made such a loud noise that Daddy came running in from outside.
There's only so much room up there, you know. . . .
When I ventured out from under the bed a little later,
my ladder was sitting in the middle of the floor. . . .
Hmmmmm. . . .
I need to get back to my dusting. . . .
Hmmmmm. . . .
Doesn't Mom see me waiting patiently?
I'm getting awfully tired and sleepy. . . .
Oooooh. . . .I had a thought!
Maybe I could jump from here? . . . .
Uh-uh. . . .Too much effort. . . .
I'll just rest here for a while. . . .
I really have nowhere to go anyway.
. . . from my farmhouse ladder to yours. . .
Boo is our walking miracle.
He has survived Addisons Disease for six years,
in spite of all odds and the frequent and painful crises.
He has been close to death more times than I like to think.
He has suffered much. . . .
But, he loves life and never considers giving up.
We won't give up on him either.
Each day we have him is a blessing.
Boo continues to work in research for Pfizer Pharmaceutical.
Through his vet and friend Dr. Cato, he reluctantly gives
his blood for research and willingly tests experimental drugs
in hopes that a cure will be found.
He has his own room and couch when he's 'at work'
and has won everyone's heart.
Out of the 600 original participants,
Boo is one of three left and the oldest of them all.
With their help, progress is being made with this disease that is becoming
more and more common in animals--as well as humans.
Maybe one day an answer will be found
so that other pets--or humans--won't have to suffer.
For more information about Feline Addisons Disease:
Canine Addisons Disease symptoms and treatments 
are basically the same.

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