Saturday, April 7, 2012

My Aunt's Weave-It Loom Project

I've been unpacking boxes that traveled with me from home to Virginia and back--about 12 year's worth of travel. Each box is full of surprises, but I was more delighted to find the vintage Weave It Loom project than anything else I opened today.

  My Aunt started this project years ago.
All the squares you see here were woven by her.

I have few items from Aunt Naoma compared to
the other women in my family,
so this project is very special to me.
 It was gifted to me by her son--
my cousin, of course-- and his wife.

My Mom told me that Aunt Naoma loved to weave
afghans instead of crocheting or knitting them.
I never quite understood what Mom was talking about
until I was presented with this treasure.
Just look at the neat little squares the loom makes.

Weave-It Looms date back to October 1934, when Donald Simonds filed his patent for the unique pin arrangement. That three pin arrangement helps the weaver warp and weave quickly without making errors.

Weave-It Looms were first made in 4" and 2" wood frames, giving way to plastic frames later.

This vintage craft seems to have taken on a new interest these days.
I was surprised to see looms going for as much as $80 on Ebay! 
But I did find several for around $30.

And at eloomaNation,
I found PDF copies of vintage pattern books
that have given me lots of ideas.

Knowing how relaxing it is to weave on my rug loom,
I bet I'll love weaving on this little loom, too.
Can't wait to get started. . .

What a find!

To learn more about small weaving looms:


Laura said...

my grandmother had one of these. wish i could find one for myself. this would be a good take-with-me project. thanks for the info

Lucy said...

I made potholders when I was growing up with a small loom. These appear to be smaller. Interesting project. Maybe I'll try my hand at it one day. Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

In 1968 they were selling these looms a lot too. I used one to make a large afghan for a wedding present for a friend when I was 22 with it. I still have mine. You might find them on line someplace. I loved it as you could take the loom with you and work on it while waiting at the doctor's office or wherever. I believe mine is pink plastic where the picks come out of. The pot holder looms were bigger and used the loops to weave in and out. this loom uses skeins of yarn or crochet threads and such. I know you know this...I was just explaining it for others. Love your blog!!!! Sarah

RacingRobin said...

I just found one in a vintage store in Portland Oregon. I can't wait to take it to my Spinners and Weavers Guild meeting for "show and tell". I paid two bucks for it.

RacingRobin said...

I recently found a Weave-It at a vintage store in Portland Oregon for two bucks. I can't wait to take it to my Spinners and Weavers Guild meeting for show and tell.

RacingRobin said...

I just found one in a vintage store in Portland Oregon. I can't wait to take it to my Spinners and Weavers Guild meeting for "show and tell". I paid two bucks for it.

Teacups95 said...

Hi! I just bought one of these looms at a thrift shop and only paid $1.25 for it! After seeing what they can cost, I feel blessed. Do you know where I can get a copy of the original booklet? I am really eager to use my "new" loom!

Karen M. from Indiana

jacqsierae said...

I own 2 of these. I bought 1 on Ebay and I had 1 but didn't know how to use it. I've made the exact same blocks using the same yarn....I still have skeins of it here.
It's a hobby that I keep going back too.
There's a talented lady who makes all kinds of Loom stuff...Noreen Crone Finley....check her out

Unknown said...

I was blessed with my mother's antique things. After my eldest brother passed away. And one of the things was this weave it loom. Pricetag still in the box from Herpolsheimer store. Price $1.50!!

craftymelli7 said...

I picked up a weave it wooden 4 inch pin loom in its original box for a dollar at a local thrift store. I really enjoy using it. Lots of fun!!! I'm glad to learn the history about this loom from your website. Thanks for posting about this.

lynn said...

Found aand bought a weaveit for a few $ at a thrift store (in Calif.), but most exciting and sureal to me, was the couple finished squares in the box, were the same colors as afghan made by a Grandmother who lived in NJ. WOndered if many people had bought a afgahn kit and was coincidence or actually could have been my Grandmother loom . Pale greens, orange, lavender. Will try to find a pic of it.
Thank you for all the info !! Stay well

Cindy said...

Thank you so much for sharing these instructions. I just found my Weave-It at a second hand store today for 4 dollars. It's one of the older wooden ones the arrows have worn off. I'll have to try and mark it again so I'll know which way to go when I figure it out. Thanks again!

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