Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday: A Blessing

Another holiday. . .
Another opportunity to step back and realize how blessed we are.
Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend!
And the freedom we share to pursue our life's work. . .
whatever path that might be.


Friday, August 29, 2014

The Only Way to Go Was Up

I'm pretty much in love with step stools. . .Never have enough close at hand for a personal boost or for decorating the farmhouse. . .When not in use, most end up on the back porch. . .where I can see and grab quickly. . .I did pare down to three of my favorites that I wasn't using. . .Not enough room for all of them on the porch floor. . .so I figured the only way to go was UP!
Placed on a weather-worn farm bench, the little step stools became part of the porch d├ęcor. . .Of course I had to add a few touches to the vignette. . .a birdhouse. . .vintage flower pots. . .an orphan drawer from a long lost prim piece. . .a bird's nest that fell to the ground during the Summer. . .brushes from times past. . .a 40s fold-up chair. . .Such dissimilar items to bring together, aren't they?
There's no rule that items being stored can't be decorative, too, is there?
. . .from my farmhouse to yours. . .

Monday, August 25, 2014

Hiding the TV Farmhouse Style

How long has it been since I posted SHABBY MEDIA STAND FROM A VINTAGE VANITY ? . .Almost a year I think. . .

That's also how long I've looked and looked and looked for a solution that would fit into our Plain and Simple Farmhouse Style when it becomes necessary to hide the TV--mostly when we need a 1930s Era look for visitors. . .A woven throw over the TV was the best idea I had. . .Nothing else was large enough--or 'farmhouse' enough--or portable enough. . .When it's just John and me, the TV is never covered. . .We like Netflix and PBS too well.

Then one day I was cleaning out a few items of Mom's that were stored ten years ago. . .TEN YEARS AGO!!!. . .I've been in no hurry (chuckle). . .I found a big black trash bag with something very heavy in it. . .A forgotten piece of folk art found. . .from a Christmas long ago. . .a gift to my Mom. . .How many years ago was that anyway? . .I had to count on my fingers AND toes. . .and used every one of them. . .It was at least twenty years or more. . .


The colors were the same soft shades that I've used this Summer in the living room. . .They also compliment the soft blues in the bath. . .The folk art fits well in our 'make-do' farmhouse style. . .when not needed the fireplace screen folds up and could rest on the floor against the wall. . .Only the center panel would show. . .That might work! . .I kept my fingers crossed from the storage room to the house. . .

I'll leave you with the verdict. . .Does it work or what? . .(grin)

That's suppose to be me hanging out my favorite quilts to air. . .dressing up and playing the Farmer's Daughter. . .

If you look closely, you'll see the back of a cat in the bushes. . .That was Puppy. . .A long story. . .Just suffice it to say that I didn't like cats until Puppy came to stay with us. . .At first I refused to acknowledge he was a cat. . .Thus the name of 'Funny (looking) Puppy'--or 'Puppy" for short--took hold. . .Sure confused a lot of people in the vet's office. . .The sheep? . . .I have no idea. . .It's FOLK ART. . .You can pretty well paint as you please if you call it 'folk art'. . .(grin). . .Maybe sheep were the 'in' thing at the time?

Whatever my thoughts were, Mom loved it. . .She displayed the screen every Summer in front of the fireplace. . .and every Winter to the side of a roaring fire. . .Now it's my turn. . .

FARMHOUSE CHIC. . .I like it!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

SUNDAY: Good Morning, Glory

"The Morning Glories and Sunflowers turn naturally toward the light,
but we have to be taught, it seems."

Those are the words I heard every morning during my Senior year in high school. . .Our school principal never missed a day saying them to me. .  .as I started my work in his office during first period classes. . .
Those three words made me smile. . .but they did more than that. . .
They brought LIGHT and JOY to my entire day.
If my principal thought I was 'glorious'  maybe I could light up someone else's day, too.
Three simple words.
Watch for NEW POSTS this week!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Vintage Ads+Graphic Art+Apple Red Metal=Smiles

Friends who have joined us on our back porch--that we call a breezeway--this Summer say it's true. . .They can't help but smile when they walk in the door. . .setting the stage for a delightful visit. . .And, who wouldn't smile with this winning combination? . . It all began with the little red cabinet I bought for $10. . .The advertising pages were already glued on. . .It was RED. . .I loved it. . .One day I had the 7-Up case and vintage beverage bottles in my hands to take to the store museum. . .Had to set them down on the red cabinet while I left to answer the phone. . .Came back and recognized a vignette in the making. . .So bright and fun for the Summer. . .Talk about shear 'luck'. . .
Doesn't it make YOU smile?

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Farmhouse Junkin'

Hi Everyone! I had a post all ready for you Sunday--totally different from this one. . .Dedicated to our slow-paced country Sundays. . .It was to be the day I began blogging a little more, too. . .But, our net was down. . .Had been down most of last week. . .Thought they had it fixed. . .I guess you'll just have to wait until this Sunday to see what I had planned. . .(grin). . .Since we just got our internet back, I'll share our junkin' finds with you. . .Where is it that I'm constantly telling that we go for the 'good stuff'? Well, to Missouri, of course!

We took a day off and headed north last Thursday, with no particular agenda except to visit a few of our favorite antique malls. . .Nothing on the list to buy. . .I've been cleaning out the store and have become rather tired of  'stuff' but you know how us collectors are. . .There might be one more thing we need. . .(chuckle). . .Sure enough--there WAS! . .I'm particularly happy with the butter churn. . .I've admire them for years but could never find any at the right price. . .This one is sticky, gummy, dirty and rusty but I love it. . .It will clean up fine. . .and will be a wonderful addition to the farmhouse kitchen. . .I'm so excited!

My next favorite is the cabinet made from a wooden crate. . .so prim. . . It's for the shotgun house but I just might use it in the kitchen for a time. . .We'll see. . .

There were other finds. . .I'll show you a few below but not all. . .Others will come later, once they are placed in their new home--The Country Farm Home, of course!


Oh! I almost forgot to tell you where we shopped, didn't I?
Poplar Bluff, Mo. . .Three Malls: Frontier, Jordans, and Country Bumpkin. . .
There are actually five malls located close to each other. . .We only made it to three. . . probably because I spent too much time at the Hope International Thrift Store in Bernie. . .(grin). . .

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