Friday, May 11, 2012

Back To The Past

A few weeks ago, we were all about the 1950s. 
Yesterday, we were living in the 1830s.
Do any of you get the idea that we like to dress up and play?

Yep, you're right!

We traveled as early pioneer hunter/trappers to
Parkin Archeological State Park Thursday
to join other living history interpreters for Arkansas Heritage Month. 
Conquistadors, French fur trappers, sawmill workers all demonstrated 
their daily lives for several groups of students--one group arriving from Tennessee. 
At our "camp", they experienced pit fire cooking, grinding with an Indian grinding stone, a taste of freshly dried pumpkin seeds, weaving a rag rug, and a demonstration 
of 19th century firearms.
They had tons of questions and seemed to totally enjoy the hands-on experience.

We had a great time, too. The day was over before we knew it. 
Luckily, we snapped a few photos before our visitors arrived, 
or I wouldn't have these to show you--

Ben as "Hernado DeSoto"
Doesn't he look just like a Spanish conquistador?

John as a Cherokee hunter/trapper,
known as Chief Big Knife.

Cooking on the fire.

Rosemary "Prairie Chicken," basted with "Bear Grease."

Weaving on the loom. 

Move over Annie Oakley?

You still have time to join in the fun.
Interpreters will return today and tomorrow--
May 11-12. 
Everyone's invited. . .
And, you can tour the Indian Mounds while you're there. . .

For more information about the park:
Parkin Archeological State Park 

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Rosie said...

Sooooooo funny! Annie Oakley, huh?
Guess who!

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