Friday, April 27, 2012

Inspiration From "The Homeplace" In Kentucky

I have a confession.

Even though we live and work in this historic district of a 1930s Delta farm, my true heart is in the two centuries previous--the 18th and 19th. Even as a child, I was drawn to the colonial and pioneer periods in our history. The year that our family traveled to the northeast on vacation, we visited Colonial Williamsburg. I was enchanted from the moment we arrived. I told my Dad I'd work there one day. I'm sure he laughed inside, if not out loud. But, "one day" came, and I did live my dream. I "dressed up and played" everyday, loving every minute of it.

I've loved being back at the farm, too, 
but that colonial/pioneer spirit is still strong within. 

Now that we no longer tour people through our home, we've decided to turn our keeping room into the more primitive style of those earlier centuries. And, to get some inspiration, we visited The Homeplace at Land Between the Lakes in Tennessee.

We won't be going this primitive. The furniture, the arrangement, and the accessories were my interest. Can you imagine cooking a meal for 10 or 12 on this stove? 

I love the sideboard with the crocks on the shelf below. 
You can barely see the checked floor cloth.
I'm keeping it in mind, though. . .

We have a blue cabinet, stored in the garage--
not exactly like this, but I like the splash of color.
We also have a cupboard much like the one on the left.

I had to look inside. . .a little sparse, don't you think?

Guess where the primitive high chair we found is going?

At the back door. . .

The Homeplace gave me so many ideas. 
And, it was so much fun stepping back into pioneer history for a day. 
I've missed that.

For more information about The Homeplace, click here.
We'll be starting work on our keeping room this week. 
More about that later. . .


Beth said...

wow. just wow. this is possitivley beautiful! i love the 19th century too. i really really love the wild west also so my stuff is a strange mixture of vintage and western. But i like it you know? its kind of like yours- VERY unique!

Bill said...

love this. . .

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