Monday, May 7, 2012

My Kitchen's Hidden Secrets

I love the vintage look of my kitchen. 
Seems to be right out of a 1930s, doesn't it?

When friends and visitors walk into this kitchen for the first time, I often get comments such as: "Where's your dishwasher? I couldn't live without a dishwasher!" Or, "All you cook with is a stove? No microwave?" Or, "Where's your trash can?" I just laugh. I don't want to live without modern conveniences either. So, I thought I'd share some of my "hiding" secrets.

Where's the dishwasher?

It's--behind the door!

Where's the microwave?

 It's inside the work island!

Trash can?
 Hidden in this old general store coffee bin.

Many of my antiques and collectibles are re-purposed. I have for years seen more uses in items than the obvious.
So, I suppose you could say, I've "gone green" for a long time now.

Vintage crocks become storage for miscellaneous kitchen items.

Old wooden crates are also used for storage. This one is normally covered with a cloth, but I thought you might like to see where I store John's jellies for his P, B and Js.

Speaking of wooden storage crates, wanna guess what's in these two?
The Armour crate holds everyday drinking glasses.

The tall crate on the left?
 Hides a coffee pot! 

And, for that coffee, 
Coffee filters in a crock on top!

Can you guess where the ugly power box is located?
Check out the little hanging shelf in the corner.

Mrs. Butterworth bottles hold dish detergent and liquid hand soap.

 A glass candy jar from our store keeps paper napkins handy. 

 A group of snuff bottles holds dried herbs and spices.
I think you're getting the idea?

Living in an historic district doesn't mean we have to sacrifice modern conveniences. With just a little imagination, we have a kitchen that fits right in with the age of the house--and leaves visitors puzzling over, "Where's the dishwasher?"
I love a good puzzle. . .

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