Thursday, November 20, 2014

SOS: Can Anyone Help Me?

I'm pulling my hair out with EMAIL ISSUES---and I need all the hair I can keep. (LOL)
For the past SEVERAL months, I have had the problem of returned emails,
especially when I try to REPLY to your Comments.
I reply. . .Many come back to me UNDELIVERED.
Same with some of the comments I make on YOUR BLOGS.
It's frustrating because as we all know, if ya don't SOCIALIZE your followers may think you don't care. . .and the thing is I DO CARE about ALL of you. . .I'm able to read your comments on my blog--and I do read every one of them. . .BUT. . .my replies are often returned.
I have researched and tried all I can find to do online. . .
Might help for a week or so but doesn't stick.
I'm not a tech-y kind of person but I do understand the basics.
It's interesting that many returns are from Yahoo--which is my own email host.
You would think they could get it right.
I've read all of their Trouble Shooting help and tried to contact them.
Nothing has worked so far.
I would appreciate any insights you might have.
In the meantime if you don't hear from me,
please know that my emails to you may be in the DEAD LETTER box
somewhere out in cyber space. (grin--frown)
The 'safest' is to COMMENT BELOW,
since I read your comments on the post itself.
TRY EMAILING ME with any help:
Thanks so much ahead of time!
You're the GREATEST

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Lessons from the Past for a Plain and Simple Farmhouse Style?

Can you imagine these cabinets custom built for a FARMHOUSE KITCHEN?
I can.
No one would question if they were vintage or not. . .the assumption would be that they were. . .
They are so reminiscent of a country store, aren't they?
Would you believe they are from the 18th century?
 I'd paint them white for my FARMHOUSE. . .but I do like the colors represented here, too.
Notice how the inside of the cabinets are painted white to match the wall of the open shelving. . .
or is that the wall?
These photos were taken at the Colonial Williamsburg apothecary. . .I hesitated sharing them because of the differences in color. . .They were all taken the same day, at the same time, at the same place, the same set of cabinets. . .but depending on the light (I guess?) my camera picked up several colors. . . .Then I realized they make for good examples of how different shades of color can change the look. . .From the gray-blue in the above photo. . .

to a brighter green. . .

a bit darker gray-blue. . .

a pale green. . .

and almost a gray. . .much like the color of my own PIE SAFE. . .
I like the no frills, plain and simple contents of the upper cupboards and open shelves, too.
A place for everything and everything in its place.
When we started putting down our new floor in the bedroom last week, everything had to come out. . .the furniture, the accessories, the rugs. . .The night before we did leave the bed and the dresser. . .I enjoyed the simplicity of the room. . .The room looked larger and I could see that cleaning would sure be a lot easier without all the clutter.
From the beginning of The Country Farm Home blog I was thinking Plain and Simple Style but it's been a gradual change for me. . .It's taking a while to embrace it fully. . .but I do find myself going for less and less and thinking about a huge estate sale more and more. . .Again I'm drawn to the 'less is more' as in these photos. . .Not only that, it's the concept of everything having a use and/or be pleasing to the eye. . .

There's plenty inspiration here for a super FARMHOUSE KITCHEN look. . .Everyone who knows me knows I love Colonial Williamsburg. . .I find much inspiration there--keeping an eye to the past while seeing into the now. . .I'm falling in love with the open shelving paired with the glass door cupboards. . .trying to figure out how to break the news to John for maybe a few additions to the kitchen. . .I think I'll wait to mention it until our flooring is done. . .and after Christmas. . .Give John some time to recuperate. . .and time for me to do a little more planning. . .Do you think I'll ever quit having ideas for our FARMHOUSE? . . I'm sure John wishes I would. . .(a WINK and a SMILE)

(A ghost from the past?)

Sunday, November 16, 2014

SUNDAY: Wonderfully Made

That's my Mama. . .the one with the curls. . .
Hands on her hips. . .Eyebrow raised. . .An attitude.
I don't know under what circumstances this photo was taken,
 but I can tell you it wasn't something my Mom particularly agreed with.
"The Look"--as we fondly called it--never changed her entire life. . .
My Dad, my brother, my cousins. . .Shoot. . .
Everyone in the entire town of Dell knew when they saw that look,
they had best high tail it in the opposite direction.
We all knew "The Look". . .yet. . .over the years it became endearing. . .
endearing because it was a part of Mom's many faceted personality.
She wouldn't have been Mama if she was anything less.
I don't know about you. . .but I have to admit that so often I'm influenced by the world to adjust my own personality and become "socially correct". . .My goals, my interests, my priorities, my general way of thinking is so often bombarded under pressure to give up and fall in line with others . .At those times, when the pressure gets too great, it's a reminder to step back and ask myself if I'm being true to who I am. . .because I KNOW I'll never find peace and happiness until then.

We are each unique and wonderfully made. . .God says so. . . Just as Mom was who she was. . .so I must be. . .so we all should be. . .It might be the road less traveled but it's also the legacy we leave. . .Our little imprint on LIFE. . .EMBRACE IT. . .

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