Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fall Inspiration Inside the Gazebo

Well. . .Okay. . .So it's not your everyday standard gazebo. . .but I don't know what else to call it. . .John actually named it. . .People looked at us funny when we'd tell them to meet us at the Corn Crib. . .I remember my cousins meeting their Dad's at the Corn Crib with a belt for an 'attitude adjustment'. . .not a pretty sight. . .I think they also went there to smoke. . .They thought they were getting away with it but Daddy always knew what they were doing. . .being boys.

But back to our Corn Crib built ca 1930 by my Granddad Magers. . .It was in an awful shape when we returned to the farm. . .Some told us to bulldoze it. . .They're eating their words now. . .John called it 'The Corn Crib Gazebo' from the beginning. . .'The Gazebo' stuck. . .I have one cousin who loves to sleep here. . .Can't blame him a bit, can you?

It's become the meeting place for friends and family when the weather is good. . .and Fall is the perfect time to enjoy it. . .I try to have afghans handy for the chilly days. . .So far, we haven't had any, but I'm sure cooler weather will be here soon.

In years past I've used vintage metal gliders and chairs, but with several years of use they were beginning to fall apart. . .One day I was killing time at Lowes while John was sorting wood and found these white Adirondack chairs on sale for $8. . .I immediately staked my claim on them and sat there until John found me. . .I didn't want anyone to grab them. . .They are really comfy. . .In fact, I found John napping in one last week. . .They are much easier to clean, too. . .A hose-down is all they need.

I've been told it might become a favorite meeting place for the witches on Halloween. . .That would be fine. . .as long as they leave me a chair. . .and maybe John, too. . .In fact, looks like one has already claimed the swing, doesn't it?. .(grin)

. . .from my corn crib gazebo to yours. . .

Sunday, September 21, 2014

SUNDAY: There's Always One In Every Crowd

Have you ever noticed this? You get a crowd together and one will stand out from the others. . .Might be a clown. . .Might be their fashion style. . .Might be someone with a lot to say. . .Not a bad thing. . .They only become memorable. . .Leaders stand out in a crowd. . .Trend Setters shine brighter. . .

Do YOU know that you are fearfully and wonderfully made by the Creator?
Unique and unlike anyone else?
Well, you are.
In this day of being politically and socially correct, our uniqueness is threatened. . . .Sometimes I have to remind myself that I don't have to do what everyone else is doing. . .
So very true. . .
Be Who You Were Meant To Be, My Friends. . .
Because You Are Beautiful Within Yourself
Sunday Blessings From the Farm!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Farm Kitchen Revealed

Chances are you'll never have a kitchen as primitive as this. . .I honestly hope not. . .but I wanted to quickly share with you a typical farm kitchen inside a shotgun house during the Great Depression. . .In fact, this one may actually be a little fancy for most families.

Wheee. . .It's been quite a journey this summer getting to this point for our Fall Tours at the farm. . .One of the things I was set on was to stage COWBOY'S SHOTGUN HOUSE as a Depression Era two room home. . .pretty sparse, huh? . .Back then a kitchen was a work place. . .not a show place. . .without running water or electricity. . .Can you imagine? Well, even during the 1960s I visited inside homes such as this. . .By then they did have electricity and maybe running water from the well. . .but very basic kitchens. . .I remember them as warm and cozy--the Mom cooking or baking or canning in the same manner that my Mom prepared the food in her new and modern kitchen. . .What a difference. . .yet with the same function.

Many finds for the room came from flea markets and junk yards. . .In fact, John took a big load of our junk to the county dump and returned with the wood-burning stove. . .I have every intention to try my hand at cooking on it one day. . .The Hoosier style cabinet top had also been discarded. . .this time on the side of the road. . .Now that was real junkin', huh?

I posted peeks for the two rooms of the shotgun house at DUNCAN FARMSTEAD if you'd like to see more. . .Since many of you don't follow that blog, I thought I'd share a few more kitchen photos here. . .Thought you might enjoy them. . .Sorry they are a little grainy. . .I had limited light since the windows haven't gone in, yet. . .had to rely on an overhead light. . .The shotgun isn't finished--that's a winter project. . .We will add walls (not all tenant house had them) and windows and a back door, but the rooms will pretty much remain set up as you see them here. . .a farm kitchen representative of the Delta during the 30s.

Gotta run for now. . .
I've enjoyed popping in to say "HI" and hope you're enjoying this Fall weather. . .

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