Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rag Rug Inspiration

I have a confession. 
I didn't go fishing this past week.
(Gone Fishin' )
 I went for my annual "spring retreat"
in the Ozark Mountains.

But, I Was at a lake, 
and I Did eat some fish!

While there, I began another rag rug,
inspired by the blues in the sky,
the greens of the trees,
and the whites of the Dogwood in bloom.

I think you can see my inspiration--
the view from my deck.

It all began when I visited a thrift store. 
They were having a Bag Sale--
all you could get in a brown paper bag
for $5.00.

I spotted the turquoise curtains first,
and then added shirts and skirts 
in the whites and blue-greens;
tore all into strips,
and started weaving.

There's a rhythm to weaving 
that is so comforting.
Add to that a little bit of a breeze,
the fragrance of flowers blooming, 
songs from birds in the trees,
and life, for me, was pretty close to perfect.

For more rag rug inspiration:
Rag Rugs: A Delta Folk Art

Rag Rug Looms may be purchased at:
Our Old Country Store


Betty said...

Love your inspiration. . .beautiful!!

stayingold13 said...

I just want to say,I am so very impressed with my 3 Loom purchase!I can't say it enough.I have been practising twining on a loom my Nephew constructed for me from his childrens old Chalk board/dry erase easel.I have fell in love all over again.I am 50.In august 2013,I suffered a stroke in my brain stem.I have Thank the good Lord recovered quickly,with hard work and determination.I came across your site while surfing which led me to explore all the more.I also needed something to do and also work more on the deterity in my hands.Well my PT;s say best thing I could have ever started doing.With purchasing these looms,I can also give back to the poor and powerless.I can make placemats,rugs and much more for some Children some friends sponor in Jiri Nepal,they don't have desks so the rugs will be a plus to keep them off the dirt,and a little more comfortable,also hoping once I get better at it plus supplies up,I can also plarn some sleeping mats for the ones who go off in the wilderness to witness.As well as for the homeless in my hometown.I just want to thank the Lord for leading me to you all.Your such a blessing.Will come back often to see whats new.Thank you again,So easy to put together ,even for this stroke victim.God Bless Love Him,love you all.:)

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