Saturday, March 3, 2012

Farmer Boys and Overalls

Isn't this photo from an old calendar the cutest?

Well, look at these cuties-- real farmer boys--
my cousins in the 1950s.
They should've been on the calendar, too, don't you think?

Which brings me to the subject of  farm fashion.
Let's talk overalls.
Every boy had at least one pair. 
"Bib" overalls, t-shirts and plaid shirts have been worn
 ever since the land was cleared and the farming began here in the Delta. 
Denim was fashionable on the farm long before city folks discovered them.

The stripe overalls that my cousins wear in the photograph
were often associated with the railroad.
Who knew there were so many stripes to choose from!

But, solid blue overalls were the cheapest--and the most popular.

Did you know that overalls have been around since 1750?
They were worn by the British army and called "slops".
They didn't look much like our overalls today.
That came ca 1850--100 years later.

Known for their comfort, handiness, and durability,
overalls were quickly a hit among the working class.
To many, overalls are the standard farmers uniform
 and so it was from the time farmers moved into this area.

Farmers found them cheaply priced and appealing.
They had many pockets and loops for tool storage.
 They fit loosely, which allowed layering in cold weather
and air circulation in the summer.

They could be easily patched--

and patched--

and patched.

Who doesn't have a photo of their farmer father, grandfather,
or great grandfather in overalls? 
I know I have several.

I rarely saw my Grandfather Duncan
(I called him "Pop")
in anything but overalls.
Every Christmas he'd received a couple pairs
of "brand new Big Macs" for the coming year.
And, every Christmas he'd dress in one of those new pairs.

 I still have a few of his overalls that I treasure.

Does this bring back memories?
Did you wear overalls when you were a kid?
Click on the "Comment Button" below
and tell us your story. 

And, if you happen to see my cousins,
please tell them how cute they were!

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