For Fall and Winter, I prefer more primitive pieces and accessories to accent our open hearth fireplace. . . .something I sometimes call my 'Farmhouse Shaker' style. . . . I'm not a strict stick-to-the-rules type of gal. . . .I like to add my own farmhouse touch to any setting. . . .You've probably guessed that by now, haven't you? . .READ MORE

Those were John's words when he walked through the breezeway porch and saw our Harvest Table. . .While I'm not even in the league of *Allen Smith. . .(John was just kidding around). . .I have to admit I have gotten more than a few tips from his website. . .His style mixes parts of the past with an eye for the present. . .I often do the same. . .READ MORE. . .

Have you ever noticed how one single candle can light up the darkest of spaces?
With these very short days of Winter upon us. . . .and the gray skies outside the window. . . .
the chance of sunshine has been fairly unlikely these last few days. . .READ MORE

It was about this time last year when I spotted the 1888 handmade primitive pie safe at Vintage Market Antique Mall in Dexter, Missouri. . .Oh how I wanted it. . .My desire for primitives greatly increased while I was living in Virginia. . .READ MORE

I paused for a moment and thought how Thanksgiving should be a day to reflect and to offer Thanks. . . .just as the Pilgrims did back in the fall of 1621. . .READ MORE

First of all, here are some FREE photos. . .Please feel free to print any of these out for your own Cards. . .READ MORE 

.I love this red wagon John made me for Christmas a few years ago. . . .
He built it to use in the garden. . . .for moving dirt and compost. . . .
but who could use such a beautiful wagon for that. . . .READ MORE


FALL is my time of the year. . .There's something about a change in the seasons that invigorates me. . .Maybe it's because our Summers are so HOT and HUMID that any task outdoors is a struggle. . .Then the days get shorter. . .the mornings are crisp and cool. . .the wind gently blows. . .and most of all. . .the excitement of Harvest fills the air. . .READ MORE. . . 


 Fall décor for me might incorporate a few pumpkins and gourds. . . .but the majority of my Fall decorating is with Cotton. . . .After all, it's what we're all about. . . .And, as the Farmer's Daughter, my heart races at the sight of it. . . .Between you and me, spending time IN the fields, walking the rows of white, white, white is my favorite Fall thing to do. . . .Our cotton this year has been gorgeous. . . .READ MORE


 I do love the colors of Fall. . . .the pumpkins made from felted sweaters, brightly colored leaves and dried corn, cotton to represent our harvest. . . . READ MORE 


 Well. . .Okay. . .So it's not your everyday standard gazebo. . .but I don't know what else to call it. . .John actually named it. . .People looked at us funny when we'd tell them to meet us at the Corn Crib. . .I remember my cousins meeting their Dad's at the Corn Crib with a belt for an 'attitude adjustment'. . .not a pretty sight. . .I think they also went there to smoke. . .They thought they were getting away with it but Daddy always knew what they were doing. . .being boys. . .READ MORE

 You'll need dried ears of corn (I like Indian corn), jute twine, and raffia. Cut two pieces of the twine to the approximate length you want your finished garland, adding a little more for knotting and the end loops. Knot the two lengths together every 8-9". Tie loops at the end for hanging. . .READ MORE 

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