Friday, April 25, 2014

A Little More Tweaking in the Kitchen

Making a few more changes in the kitchen today. . . .adding a primitive, unfinished painting I picked up at a thrift store for 50 cents. . . .rearranging crockery. . . .adding a huge 'bouquet' of cotton bolls. . . .taking the chair aprons off. . . .geraniums to the bathroom window sill.
A friend of John's will be coming this weekend to help with the log cabin. . . .I couldn't picture them sitting on the apron chair covers. . . .Can you? (Apron Slipcovers) . . .Or, maybe I CAN picture it. . . .A funny sight for sure (giggle). . . .I thought they'd appreciate it if the aprons were gone. . . .I took the geraniums out of harm's way, too. . . .You can't be too careful when men get together!

I tried to make things a little more masculine. . . .No roses in the pitcher. . . .Just plain and simple. . . Stalks of Cotton were my choice for the table. . . .I figured guys could relate to that. . . .I've never used Cotton any time other than the Fall, but I think I like the look for Summer, too. . . .To me, it's just as beautiful as any flower. . . .I am a Cotton Farmer's Daughter through and through. . . .I love Cotton!
I'm heading out to the local thrift stores. . . .No more 'to do' list until next week. . . .One of the stores is closing tomorrow. . . .and the other is on the verge. . . .I need to visit with the ladies who have done such a wonderful job in running them for many years. . . .I'll certainly miss them.
The only certain thing about Life is that it constantly changes. . . .(sigh). . . .

On a happier note. . . .The sun is shining. . . .The temps are perfect. . . .The flowers are blooming. . . .The birds are singing. . . .And, I have junkin' to do! . . .'To-do'? . . .That wasn't on my list was it? . . .(wink). . . .I think this just might be the best weekend we've had in a long time. . . . .Why don't you get out and have a great one, too? . . .You deserve it!
Til next week. . . .

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