Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Country Bedroom 1930s Style

I love this bedroom!
I call it "Farm Style Chic."

 It could be considered 1930s style and old fashioned. 
But, here at the historic district, that's what we're all about!

The entire bedroom is filled with vintage items and family mementos.

And, lots and lots of roses and lace and flowers.

Shirley Temple was a favorite child actor during the 30s. 
That's me on the left. 
My hair was just as curly as Shirley's!

A pair of Mom's gloves. . .
A porcelain shoe from my Grandmother Duncan. . .


A thrift store dresser. . .
Pink silk roses from Aunt Mamie. . .
Stacked jewelry boxes from each of the Magers women. . .
Beautiful crystal lamps from Grandmother Duncan. . .

A vintage pink linen frock and hat 
that Aunt Mamie once wore. . .
Did I mention she loved pink roses?

And, more vintage family clothing from several eras.

Any one of the dresses could have been stitched on a machine like this one.
The Bruce Treadle Sewing Machine came from an auction in Missouri.
It still works as if it were brand new.

Hats and dresses from two Grandmothers.

Yes, I am aware that the hats don't match the time period of the dresses.
There's a reason for it.
Each hat is placed on a dress of it's owner. 
I remember my Grandmother Magers wearing the hat on the right
 to church almost every Sunday.
That's her ca 1910 dress.

Gotta have a fan to keep cool in the summer. . .
found in the farm workshop.

Two vintage china dogs from my huge collection.
Daddy started that collection when I was 4 or 5,
with a small Scotty dog from the Five and Dime.
To this day, I can't resist buying "just one more."

Farm Style Chic. . .
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