Thursday, November 21, 2019

The Family "Snoopy" Tree: A DIY Project

"Once upon a time, there was a little Norfolk pine tree that came to live at the farm. It was tall and spindly. Some branches were long and some were short. The Farmer's Daughter fondly called it her "Snoopy Tree" but somehow, the little pine didn't feel that was a compliment. He longed for something that would make him unique among   all the Norfolk pine trees--something that made him feel special. 
The Farmer's Daughter realized one day that the little pine tree's branches were drooping more than usual, and he didn't seem as bright in color as normal. She felt a little droopy, too. It was close to Christmas--a time that always meant family and loved ones to the Farmer's Daughter. Unfortunately, most of her family was away. Then she had an idea. Why not turn her "Snoopy Tree" into a Christmas tree, with tiny photos of all those she had loved over the years? Wouldn't that be fun? And, an amazing way to remember others.
So she disappeared into her office for hours. Christmas carols played in the background, while much activity could be heard behind closed doors. She snipped. She glued. She smiled a lot. She dreamed. She remembered. She shed a tear or two. By mid-day, her project was done. She headed straight for the Snoopy Tree and began to transform him into a lovely family Christmas tree. There were tiny framed photos of  Mom and Dad, Granny and Pop, Grandmother and Granddaddy, Aunt Mamie and Aunt Naoma, and many, many others.
Oh! That little pine tree felt so important! He was so honored to hug her family in his branches. He straightened up and began to glow again. When she added bright red ornaments and fluffy cotton bolls, he felt like he was the most important tree on the entire farm. He wasn't a Snoopy Tree anymore. He was a "Family Tree" in the truest sense. He was special! He belonged!

And, the Farmer's Daughter smiled, too. Her family was Home For Christmas once again."

Hello Everyone! I was looking back through my Christmas blog posts recently, looking for a specific one, when I ran across a story I wrote the very first year I blogged. I hadn't read it in so many years. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, the photos were lost from the post and it needed some updating as well.  
My first reaction was to delete it. . .Then I read the story. . .and remembered that Christmas. . .and thought how even though it was written eight years ago, the possibilities for a DIY Family Tree were still there. I dug up the old photos, updated the story, and re-published it, hoping it would inspire you to make your own family tree of photos.
It was quite simple. Choose the photos. Reduce and scan them. Or, if digital, resize. Make a frame from card stock. Place scanned photo inside. And, back with more card stock after sandwiching in a string loop for hanging. 
There were a few photos I printed directly on the card stock, cut them out, punched a hole, and added a string loop. 
That's all there is to it. Now you can surround yourself with family this Christmas. . .and make a Norfolk pine very happy. . .


Anna said...

This is such a beautiful post / story / idea. I live on the opposite side of the planet to my family and this might be just the kind of tree I need.

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