Thursday, November 29, 2018

Thoughts While Gathering the Greens

The winter lays her fingers cold
On dark and lonely nights
But Christmas it will soon be here
To usher in the light

And when morning breaks and the bells ring out
It is such a joyous sound
To hear them echo in the trees
That are green the whole year 'round

I have begun foraging for evergreen, berries, holly and ivy. . .well, just about anything I can use to decorate the house for Christmas. . .and thinking of all my Christmases past. . .Lately I have been longing for the ones of my childhood. . .the simplicity of them. . .It was a different time. . .a different era. . .but it sure does bring back good memories. . .

Like those of the outings we took about this same time each year to scour the woods and river banks for our decorations. . .no artificial wreaths. . .or plastic Christmas trees back then. . .We created our own unique blend of nature and crafts. . .The days leading up to Christmas meant more to me than all the presents under the tree. . .We did everything as a family. . church, parties, caroling, pot luck dinners. . ..and there were so many secrets as each of us created gifts for the others. . .It was a time to truly share our love for family and friends. . .So very special. . .bringing a smile as my thoughts wander on. . .


Sam I Am...... said...

I am right there with you! Although I don't have those memories I have tried to incorporate them into my life as an adult. I do have a question though. I used to gather greens up North but here I am wondering if I have to worry about ticks on the greens I bring in or any other fall/winter natural decoration? Our cold weather must have killed them in the north as I never had a problem but here it doesn't get that cold.

Henny Penny said...

I too long for the Christmases past. Things were so different back then. Your decorating is beautiful. I want the December issue of Country Rustic and so far haven't found our small town. Maybe I should just subscribe! :) That sounds good! Henny

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