Monday, November 2, 2015

Our Looms Benefit Women in Nigera. . .and Lower Shipping Rates for the Holidays

 This story will tug at your HEART STRINGS. . .whether you are a RAG RUGGER or not. . .
We were contacted recently by an American lady named Marta, who has been working as an Architect at the American University of Nigeria. . .She wrote:
"A year ago I purchased one of your sets of three looms to bring to a very small town in Nigeria where I am working as an Architect with the American University of Nigeria. With the support of the university I began a program called “CREATING WITH THREADS” to empower the women of the community of Yola.  Little I knew the program took off and the ladies began creating beautiful rugs.
There are 42 ladies involved in the program who have created and sold about 200 rugs, 20 sets of placemats and a few hand bags.  We are presently  working on an order of 480 rugs!!!! The materials used for weaving is  recycle strips of fabric from local tailors.
This is the first time these ladies have done something for themselves and their earnings is allowing them to send their children to school, attend to medical difficulties but most of all is giving them confidence and empowerment. . .
This is the story of Halima.
Halima, a  6 year old girl,  learned the art of weaving watching her mother. She lives in one room, shared with her five siblings and her parents. With the money she earned for selling a set of 6 placemats she bought her school books. Amazing to see her weaving. ! Let’s encourage Halima !" 

Their story HUMBLED US. . .that our little loom business was. . .and is. . .a part of it.. . .As Marta and I emailed back and forth, we learned more of the story. . .
"After being in Nigeria for few months and seeing the beautiful and colorful fabrics  they have, I thought I needed to do something to help the women here. I “googled” options and came across the weaving of rag rugs. Ordered the looms and self-taught by watching videos in you tube… and here we are with a large group of empowered women.  
Working with the needy in a way where you build personal relationship with them is SO REWARDING !!!.  It is really what keeps me going."
Because shipping rates are so high to other countries, Marta had us ship John's looms to New Orleans where she made arrangements for them to be transported to Yola. . .We ended up sending 33 looms. . .with our BLESSINGS and BEST WISHES. . .Don't you love this story? . . Another example that we never know how we impact other's lives even in little things.
And. . .just in time for the HOLIDAYS. . .we have cut back on the recent increases in our loom shipping. . .USPS continues to increase shipping rates at their whim. . .We had to increase our rates recently. . .but we're cutting them back to 2014 RATES on most and only a few dollars increase on others for now. . . You can read more about it. . .and order, too (grin) at:
 I have some LOOM GIFT BAGS I'll be listing at Our Old Country Store soon. . .a Mini Loom, bundles of fabric strips, instructions, and a bag to hold it all. . .Everything needed to complete a MINI RUG. . .Some people use this size for MUG RUGS or HOT MATS or a small HAND BAG. . .Coming soon!


Pam said...

What a wonderful story and what a blessing for the women and children of Yola.

Anonymous said...

Dru, What a wonderful gift YOU were given, to know you helped in this manner. Kudos!!

Anonymous said...

This is an amazing post and story. Seems like you could get corporate companies to get involved here. Maybe even working with someone who could set up a website where they would be able to purchase a loom for someone on a list, sort of like a loom wish list. Perhaps doing a profile on a woman or group of women who would benefit. Where people would get to know the needy woman's personal story and therefore be moved to purchase a loom for a needy family, woman, or village to help them make a positive change in their life. Maybe even teaching them marketing skills and how to take pictures of their rugs and then taking them to market to sell or even a website to showcase ones for sale? There are similar programs like this that teach people how to be self sufficient by selling their hand made items. My church feeds 260K ppl monthly in Haiti and they also teach many people how to market their crafts. Perhaps the rag rug looms would be a hit and help thousands there also. My mind is now spinning. Thanks for all you do to help these women. God Bless you and your business- abundantly. Your blog is awesome by the way. From one farmhouse to another farmhouse.

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