Saturday, March 9, 2013

So sorry--Email Problems with Your Comments

Good Morning, Everyone!
Hope you're having a wonderful weekend. . . .

Mine has been fairly frustrating.
As I began reading your comments at the latest posts,
I realized there were many more comments than I had email notifications!

There were over 300 comments thrown out as SPAM during the month of February!
So, here's the deal. . . .

First of all, I'm so sorry I didn't notice this problem before.
With the number of emails I receive each day,
I missed it.
I like to reply to your comments whenever possible. 
Afterall, you take the time to let me know your thoughts.
I consider it an honor.

 I'm sorry, too, if I didn't reply to you personally when you commented last month.
I think I have the problem taken care of.
My worry is that some of you began following that I missed your comment.
If this is true of you, would you please leave a comment below 
that you'd like me to follow you, too,
and I will visit your blog as soon as possible.

I do try to visit all new followers blogs, but sometimes it takes time. . . .
and sometimes I don't know you're there!
Don't know why but new followers are often placed in the middle of the list.

don't you think sometimes old ways are best?

Thank you so much for your help!
Together, we'll get this problem solved!

And, Thanks Again for your wonderful comments and interest in
The Country Farm Home. . . .

I truly appreciate each one of you!

Just a Reminder! 
Country Whites Weekend starts next Friday, March 15!
Get those posts ready!


Florida Farm Girl said...

Dear girl, I don't expect a reply to every comment but they are a joy when received. Don't sweat it, okay?

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

I appreciate replies...but know that as blogs grow...not every comment gets answered. (I hope people understand that about my replies, etc.)
I JUST EMPTIED MY INBOX the other day.
It was such a 'free-ing' feeling. :)

No harm...i still visit blogs and read regardless whether I get replies or not. :)

don't worry about it!


Brenda Pruitt said...

I certainly don't expect a reply to my comments.

Pam said...

Hello! You do not need to answer my comments, I know it can get overwhelming. I'm sure everyone knows how much you appreciate their comments.
Have a wonderful evening!

Anonymous said...

I'm totally with all the other replies in this comment section. Recently I was called out of town (seems to happen frequently lately, too) and was unable to visit blogs, reply to comments on mine, and actually have time for internet in general. It happens. I'm one of your "newer" followers and enjoy your blog. :)

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