Monday, February 13, 2012

The Garden Shed: A Touch of Spring Fever

Well, it's 23 degrees outside with the chance of snow, sleet, and freezing rain predicted for tonight.

I don't know about you, but I'm ready for winter to be over. 

Actually, we haven't had a bad winter this year. We've been very blessed to have an average temperature of 50 degrees or more. But, it is February, soon to be March, so my thoughts naturally begin planning ahead when days are longer and much, much warmer.

One of the first tasks for me each spring is cleaning the little garden shed. Dust, dirt, and critters (the small, gray kind) take it over during the winter. Once the weather gets warmer, the critters leave--but the dust and dirt remain.

I admit it. I have a touch of spring fever today.

In anticipation of this year's spring cleaning at the garden shed, 
I began looking through my photos from 2011.

They're a reminder that spring will come again--just hang in there!

I love all things old and natural.

My work table is a found object from the farm shop years ago.
It's very old and shows lots of signs of hard use--
definitely a work bench in it's past. 
It has traveled with me for over 20 years, but it's back home now.

I try to keep tools handy (lower left), as well as  numerous baskets for transporting any and everything.

The shelf holds jars, tins, birdhouses, and a basket or two.

I use Aunt Mamie's old canning jars for such things as seeds and  fertilizer.

 The galvanized tins are useful in a number of projects, including dried flower arrangements.

Daddy constructed the blue bird house years ago. 
He had several of them scattered around in their yard in Dell. 
I've placed a few around the farm but have kept the best two inside,
out of the weather.

Another one of Daddy's birdhouses. He had fun with this one.

Rosemary hangs from the ceiling to dry.
Did you know that rosemary symbolizes remembrance?

Baskets of every size are close and handy.
This is just a few in my collection.

Just had to throw in a couple of lilies that grow
outside the garden house window in the summer.
I told you I had spring fever!

That's the garden shed tour for now. 
Hopefully, it won't be long until I can spend a day 
cleaning and stocking it for this year.
But, first, we have a winter weather watch to get through. . .


Betty said...

Looks good to me! We have 4 in of snow.

Kimberly said...


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