Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pickin', Singin', and Shootin'--Photographs, That Is

Joe Chipman has done it again! A new CD featuring more of his original songs will be out soon! Most people in Mississippi County, Arkansas know the wonderful talent Joe has for telling the stories about our Delta in his songs.

And, our 1930s country store will be featured on the cover! 

Joe brought his group of  musicians to The Farm today for the photo shoot.

Musicians Joe, Bob, and Jeff  have their spanking new overalls on!  

John and I got into the fun, too!

Of course, when you get musicians together, some pickin' and singin' will happen! I snapped several photos before the photographer arrived.

Joe's first CD was titled, Taming Mississippi County: Hard Times In Northeast Arkansas, and included original songs such as: "Hard Times", "Cotton Pickin' Time in the Delta", "Roll on Mississippi", "80 Rows of Cotton". Joe has a talent for producing a mix of original songs and narration that bring back memories of cotton farming as it once was.

Be sure and watch for the release of Joe's new album. And, if you would like a copy of his first CD, go to: OUR OLD COUNTRY STORE

1 comment:

Bill said...

His first CD was good. Looking forward to the secon.

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