Tuesday, April 22, 2014


 Good Morning, Everyone! . . .I have a special reveal in the kitchen for you!
Setting the stage for warmer weather and ending the clutter of winter.
White-Wicker-Wood are the style elements. . . .The wall of cupboards 
was the place I focused on. . . .It's the bright spot of our kitchen,
 especially when the sun is shining as it was this past weekend.
Put on you sunglasses. . . .
A few of these images are bright. . . .and not due to a
camera malfunction either. . . .The room is honestly this bright.
My 'Go-To Three' for Summer--every Summer--are:
WHITE--Bright, Warm and Clean
WICKER--Warm and Inviting
WOOD--to make everything Pop!. .A 'backdrop'. .
.A 'canvas' to 'paint' my style upon
I threw open the cupboard doors to show the white
 of our ironstone pieces and the backdrop of wood. . . .
I pulled the white wicker chair off the porch and wrapped a
flour sack around the cushion. . . .That took care of the 'white'. . . .
What about the top of the cupboards?
It's always a challenge to me for some reason. . . .until this year.
I've loved wicker storage for years and have accumulated
numerous baskets. . . .open ones and picnic style.
Until now, I've utilized them in the library to hide loose papers,
cards, office supplies, anything that was potential clutter.
In that room I also stacked the baskets on top of the bookshelves. . . .
As I began cleaning out the library this winter, I gave away boxes of clutter
 that had collected over the years. . . .that I'd crammed into the wicker baskets.
Once I finished, I had several empty ones. . . .That's when I decided
to move the extra baskets to the kitchen to help with the clutter of my collections there,
as well as to hide those items I didn't use everyday but still needed them handy. . . .
I'm sure you know what I mean. . . .Seems like every time I put those
not-so-much-needed items into storage, within a few days
I'm looking for them again.
I wasn't sure how the wicker would look in the kitchen--might be
too plain and maybe look top heavy--but John and I both love the look. . . .
the clean lines and  simplicity.

Isn't it odd that we get into such ruts of thinking without
 challenging ourselves with new ideas? . . .The wicker baskets have always
been a part of the library. . . .I never thought to use them anyplace else.
There's a lesson in this, ladies!
We need to walk around our homes more often 
with an eye for the possibilities, don't we?
That's how this one wall reveal came about in the kitchen. . . .
Not a lot of changes but made a big difference.
Oh. . . .As always, I needed a splash of color, too. . . .but I'm sure you noticed that!
What can I say? . . .I like a little color with my whites.
There are many images for inspiration in this post. . .
I won't talk on and on about each little detail. . . .
Instead, I'll let you scroll down them at your leisure.
If you'd like to see what my other 'Go-To Three' for the kitchen are, please visit
Hope you enjoy these changes with Summer in mind. . . .
Time to scoot Old Man Winter out the door!


 . . .from my farmhouse to yours. . .
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