Monday, December 24, 2012

A Christmas Story from the Farmhouse

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the farm
Every creature was stirring but caused no alarm.

Their stockings were hung on the clothesline with care

In hopes Farmer John a treat he could spare.

Boo was all nestled and snug in a chair
Beside the warm fire, he had not a care.

With Dru in the kitchen, baking goodies and more,

 John thought it a good time to visit our store.

There in the darkness, he found a sweet treat,
For Sissy and Fred and Bessie and Pete,

Whose evening was busy with making quite sure,
That the guests here at midnight enjoyed all the tour.

For Santa and Reindeer each year would stop in
To rest their tired hooves, with a story to spin.

“Tis a grand old red barn”, dear Santa would say,

“Mind if we rest? We’ve come a long way.

To this farm I’ve been coming for years upon years,
And the animals do greet me with laughter and cheers.

They come from close by, they come from afar
Guided only by mem’ry and the bright manger star.

The owls and the rabbits play hosts to each one,
One night every year, a truce declared won.”

So Sissy and Fred, Bessie and Pete,
Are so very busy, their food do not eat..

Farmer John knows them well, so for treats he did look,
That all be rewarded, sweet morsels he took.

But John has two reasons to offer a treat
That maybe, just maybe, a glimpse he might seek
That he and Drucella and Boo maybe, too,
Could witness the miracle of this uncanny zoo,

When owls and rabbits and mice do sit down,

Together to wait for the guests in our town. 

For Santa and Reindeer will visit them soon
All creatures are friends now--from coyote to coon.

 And once Santa rests and a story does tell,
The creatures will scurry, to their homes they will sail.

Yet kept in their hearts will remain one bright plan,
That Christmas to come they will together again stand
So that they might witness and see the miracles anew,
Glad tidings and love and make new friends, too.

And all through the year, they’ll hold the sweet mem’ry of
The words of dear Santa as he put on his glove,

“To you and your friends, a Merry Christmas and Love,
From Me and my Reindeer and God up above.”

So John and Drucella wish for your loved ones, too,
The lesson the creatures can teach us so true. . .

May each one of our Christmases
Be filled with the Son,

With Peace and Good Will to Each, Every One!


May the Spirit of Christmas Past and Present
Fill your Hearts with the Joy of the Season. . . .

from The Country Farm Home
John and Dru
Boo, the Farmhouse Cat
Mr. Smokey and Little Bit, the Shop Cats
Sissy and Fred, the Barn Owls
Bessie and Pete, the Garden Rabbits
Wylie, the Coyote
Red, the Squirrel
and all the other Wonderful Creatures
that visit the Farm Each Year. . . .

Merry Christmas, Everyone!!!!!!

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