Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Farmhouse Keeping Room Is Revealed

"Style is to see Beauty in Modest Things"
Andre Putman

This is a Big Day!

There's a new look to the blog. . . .
Did you notice?

Wow! 300+ followers. . . .
Thank you--Everyone--for your wonderful response to
The Country Farm Home!

And now, I can finally reveal the Farmhouse Keeping Room to you!

Did you think we'd ever get to this day?
I began to question it a few times. . . .
But, here we are. . .The Big Day. . .
and I have the keeping room to show you. . . .

Do you remember why I chose these colors?
An open boll of fluffy cotton was my inspiration for the palette.
--after all, this IS a Cotton Farm--

Whites and Neutrals--pops of Black--the Brown tones of wood. . . .

Denim and Grayed work clothes inspired the accent colors. . . .

The style? 
All my own. . . .
I love a mix of handpainted furniture, wood and vintage. . . .
influenced by three primary sources. . . .

The Simplicity of Shaker,
with the straight lines and lack of ornamentation in their furniture. . . .

The Practicality of the Delta farmhouses,
where white cabinets dominated every kitchen
and everything had a purpose. . . .

 The warmth and honesty of the American farmhouse style--
bringing about a Cozy feel of country living. . . .

My goal was to create a quiet style,
where everyone feels welcomed to come in and sit a spell--
a place that feels like "Home". . . .

It's down-to-earth living, and the daily use of vintage items,
alongside well-worn utilitarian elements from the
farmhouse, barns, and garden.

"Repurposing" is a word we never use--it's simply a way of life. . . .

I call it
Plain & Simple Farmhouse Style
. . . .although I realize others laugh and say it's anything but plain.

For those of you who think we spent a fortune on our dream keeping room,
we didn't!
Thrifted furniture and accessories, flea market finds, items found in the trash,
wood found at curbsides, hand-me-down family pieces,
lots of paint, nails, and elbow grease.
That's the way we wanted it--a tribute to the hundreds of
Delta farmers and their wives,
who provided their family with a cozy Farmhouse home by "making-do."

We are so pleased with the result of all our hard work and planning. . . .
It WAS hard work!
But, so worth it. . . .

Many of you have followed us on this journey,
and we're so thankful that you have.
You've shared your ideas and opinions--been patient and encouraging.
Thank you so very much! You've been wonderful!

This isn't the end, though. . . .
Nope. . . .Now, we'll move on to the living room. . . .
It's in terrible need of an up-date, so another exciting journey is coming.
Hope you'll join us in that one, too.

In coming posts, I'll also be sharing more details about this
Plain & Simple Farmhouse style. . . .

But. . . .first. . . .I want to show you the "real"
work area of the keeping room--the Kitchen--
and the heart of the room--the Hearth. . . .

Hope you'll join me. . . .
Next Post!
See Ya There!

from my farmhouse to yours. . . .

Cupboards--right: ca. 1889--TN
 left:  Handcrafted Reproduction--Wood from a local Church (razed)
Pie Safe--ca. 1900--TN
Windsor Chairs--Thrifted 
6' Cypress Farm Table--Handcrafted using Shaker Diagrams
Hearth Chairs--ca. 1930--Thrifted
Handcrafted Broom Collection--Thrifted
Pots, Pans, Bowls & Accessories--mostly Thrifted & Family
Forged Candlesticks--Williamsburg Pottery
Iron Pots--Flea Markets, Antique Malls
Ironstone & China--Thrifted

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