Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Shabby Corn Shuck Lady Tutorial

I have another really, really simple project for you--
that's perfect for fall--or the Holidays. . . .

I designed and crafted these Corn Shuck Ladies years ago. 
In fact, I sold them through Country Sampler magazine 
and in the Apple Gap Country Store catalog, as well as at craft shows. 
They're timeless--always a hit--
and can be crafted in any style to compliment your decor--
shabby, country, primitive, fall, winter, spring, summer.

For this tutorial, I chose a Shabby Angel theme. . . .

So, let's get busy. . . .
This is a simpler version than the ones I originally designed, but it will give you the same results. . . .
You'll need corn shucks, a 12" styrofoam cone, and floral pins (&/or hot glue for styrofoam).
Cut approximately 1 inch off the top of the cone.
Gather several dry corn husks together and pin the entire bundle with a floral pin to the cone.
I used corn shucks that John saved for me from the garden. 
I like mine to curl up--but you can use the flat ones, too.
Go all the way around the cone. . . .Trim the shucks at the top.
Tie a string around the shucks tightly--as added support.
If you want your lady to have a very full "skirt", add another layer of shucks.
Now, criss-cross opened shucks across the top of the cone, anchoring with more floral pins. Be sure to use a pin on top of the head so the shucks don't shift.
Make up two bundles for the arms. . . .tie in the middle with string. . . .then fold one end under and tie with string to form the hand. . . .trim the opposite end.
Place the arms on the lady and anchor with floral pins or glue.
Your Corn Shuck Lady is ready to dress. . . .
Yes, I know she doesn't look too pretty at this point.
Trust me--she'll turn out beautiful. . . .
The fun part for me is dressing her. . . .
Choose from fabrics, doilies, vintage embroidered pieces--anything you like. . . .
I picked up three cotton doilies last weekend for 10 cents that were perfect.
Two measured 9 x 12--a good size--since I didn't sew up the sides.
Sleeves were cut from the third piece, measuring the length needed according to the length of the arm.
Lay the pieces side-by-side on a flat surface--long piece, sleeve piece, long piece, sleeve piece.
Run a thread (I used cotton crochet thread) along the top. . . .
place on the lady and gather at the neck. . . .tie off. 
Note; If you want a fuller dress (like the one at the end of this tutorial),
the total neck width should be 30-35 inches, and you will need an
additional row of shucks to hold the dress out at the bottom.
Gather the sleeves at the wrist with heavy thread,
being careful to  push the arm strings out of sight. . . .tie off.
Start layering, adding more doilies, ribbon, beads--let your imagination  direct you. . . .
 For my Shabby Angel, I used a vintage doily for her shawl & a piece of burlap between the dress and shawl. . . . hymnal sheet music for wings. . . .a hat with satin roses, a lace & twine bow, and moss that I touched up with antique white paint. . . .pearls, more twine, & a glass angel hang from her neck. . . .she carries her favorite hymn in one hand and a basket of paper roses in the other. . . .
Isn't she sweet?

Want more of a country theme?
 Here's a Peddler Lady I made for my Mom many years ago--
very country looking with calicoes and dried flowers.
She still looks good after all these years. . . . 
I'm thinking I may make a few more this week,
to give as Christmas gifts. . . .
Shabby Angels--but this time, I may add little bells around their necks--
because--as we all know--
"Every time a bell rings, an Angel gets her wings. . .  ."
I'll try to help them along. . . .

Happy Crafting!!!!!!
Til next time. . . .

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