Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Projects. . Country Whites Weekend #7

Happy First Day of Summer, Everyone!

Growing up, I always loved Summer. . . .No school. . . .Lots of time at the lake. . . .Visiting our farm down dusty gravel roads. . . .but, what I loved best of all was time spent in Missouri with my Granny and "Pop" Duncan. . . .

It was Granny who taught me most of my needlework skills. . . .She was a dynamic person. . . .A lady of great intellect and style. . . .Her interests and work covered numerous areas--fashion designer, seamstress, beautician, china painter, doll maker--President of the Women's Business Club, Grand Matron of the Eastern Star, a member of the Governor's Council in the State of Missouri--just to name a FEW. . . .

Her home was never locked. . . .Open to everyone. . . .Just like her heart. . . .

Every Summer--as the days get warmer--I'm reminded of the time I'd spend at my Grandparents home. . . . I would insist on visiting at least 2 or 3 weeks with them. . . .more, if possible. . . .
Granny worked during the day. . . .Pop worked at night. . . .I'd spend my time running in and out of the Beauty School and Gift Shop, swimming at the nearby pool, and joining Pop sometimes with his fishing and cooking. . . .He was a wonderful cook. . . .Kept me very happy with country style meals. . . .My favorite? . . . .Fried fish and hushpuppies. . . .Yummmmmm. . . .

But, there was another activity that I probably loved most of all. . . .learning all types of needlework. . . .with an expert. . . .Granny.

It wasn't a chore to her. . . .I honestly think she got as much fun out of it as I did. . . .Throughout the year, she'd gather up kits and projects that she thought I might like to learn. . . .They were all placed together in her Lane cedar chest. . . .I wasn't allowed to look inside until Summer. . . .so, you can bet that was the first thing I did once I arrived for my visit. . . .

It was hard choosing which project to make first. . . .Sometimes I'd narrow it down to 2 or 3 and let Granny choose. . . .Then it was mine to work on as I wanted. . . .If I needed instruction, Granny was next door. . . .At night, we'd both sit and do our stitching or crocheting or quilting or embroidery or beading, comfy and cool in the big stuffed rockers, often while watching an old black and white movie on the TV. . . .but usually we just talked and enjoyed each others company. . . .and, Granny was always teaching me something new. . . .something exciting. . . .skills I'd use my entire life. . . .

I often put aside projects for the Summer even now. . . .I don't have a Lane cedar chest to store them in. . . .Mom's is full of family quilts. . . .But, I do have a special place to put them. . . .right below one of my favorite snapshots of Granny. . . .

Every time I grab a project, I mentally blow her a kiss and thank her for being the person that she was. . . .for teaching, caring, loving me. . . .for taking the time out of her busy life to make me feel so special.

Now, it's your turn. . . .
What projects are you working on this Summer?
Time to share them with all of us!

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Have a great weekend. . .
and keep those Summer projects going!


cynthia lee designs said...

Dru...I just love your little lady very cute!!
I hope you are feeling better and that the dizziness has gone away.

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Dru, what a sweet story. Your grandmother taught you so well. All of my grandparents had passed away before I was old enough to remember them. Never realized what I was missing until I hear stories like this. Happy to be joining you two gals fun party. I shared two links. Hope that's alright.

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Loved reading your touching words about your Grandparents and your grandmother teaching you her skills. You are so blessed to have had that! This summer, I am working on more designs for my embroidery book that I want to publish and of course, there are several gardens along the grounds to tend. Have a great weekend.

Little Susie Home Maker said...

Grandmas are very special, and it sounds like your was extra special :)
My momma is the one that sat down and taught me bead work, sequins and embroidery, crochet, and she was always sewing us all new clothes. Another thing that I wanted to be just like her. Bless you and I love the sweet picture.

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