Monday, June 24, 2019

Love These Tea Boxes For A Unique Sofa Table

The photo doesn't look like The Country Farm Home? . . .It's not. . .but I'm thinking about getting a set of these Tea Boxes for it. . .I just love them. . .They were handmade for us by our friends at Sassafras Creek Originals and are now in our home at Ste. Genevieve. . .

They are the handiest things I've found in a long time. . .I am such a "paper lover". . .magazines, books, writing pads, journals. . .that I always have more than I have room for in a basket. . .it overflows onto the floor. . .Now. . .at our Heil House, I can hide it all where it is very handy. . .

Kandye and her husband Dale are both so talented. . .Her store is full of handmade and unique colonial items that in many cases can be utilized in any decor. . .I've already bought several items for The Country Farm Home from them that fit well in my plain and simple farmhouse style. . .

Yep. . .I think I might need another set for the farmhouse. . .I'm positive these will never leave our Missouri home. . .CLICK HERE TO SEE AND READ MORE. . .


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