Saturday, February 9, 2019

Delta Angels Sneak Peek

Something I have learned through writing for a magazine. . .it totally changes the way the seasons are celebrated at THE COUNTRY FARM HOME because of the deadlines that have to be made. . .When it’s 105 degrees outside, I’m setting up Christmas trees and wondering how to get snow outdoors in the very green grass. . .Or, when it’s the holidays, I’m working on a story and photos for the next Spring. . .Physically and mentally I have to be a season or two ahead. . .and so it is with these Delta Angels that will appear in the 2019 Holiday edition of COUNTRY RUSTIC MAGAZINE. . .
But. . .it occurred to me as I dressed and embellished the ones here, that they shouldn’t just be for Christmas. . .We need angels the year round, don’t we?
I have made larger versions of my Delta Angels for years. . .(SEE. . .HERE and HERE ) and named them after those women who have influenced my life the most. . .
I plan to do the same with these smaller, ornamental angels. . .and to make them throughout the year for each season. . .The ones you see here are for the WINTER. . .before and after Christmas. . .Easily made. . .but I can’t divulged the how-to right now. . .The instructions will be out next Fall. . .This is just a little sneak peak to see what you think. . .
I will say that the materials used are chop sticks, wooden squares, socks, wool fabric, hemp string, ribbon, and embellishments. . .They take about ten minutes to complete one from scratch. . .and a good project for kids, too. . .If you personalize each one with a name, it will remind you of those you hold dear. . .
If you are very crafty, you can probably figure out how to make them yourself. . .or at least your version of it. . .If you’re not, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait a while for instructions. . .but in the meantime, watch for each new one in my blogs as the 2019 SEASONS change. . .I hope they will inspire you. . .and will be a reminder of the real ANGELS that are truly with you each day of the year. . .
 . . .from the FARMER'S DAUGHTER. . .


Cindy Rasley said...


Judi Bowen said...

Hi there

I only recently found your blog and am absolutely loving what I see. Your angels are absolutely BEAUTIFUL, and I can't wait for you to publish the tutorial. They have really captured my imagination, and the fact that you've clothed them with items from your family member's makes them even more special.

Thank you SO much for sharing.

Your new friend

Judi in the UK

Kim Harkey said...

So cute!

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