Friday, March 4, 2016

Inspiring Women: UpDate on Creating With Threads

Do you remember Marta, an Architect at the American University of Nigeria,
and her work with the LADIES OF YOLA?
She wrote:
There are 42 ladies involved in the program who have created and sold about 200 rugs, 20 sets of placemats and a few hand bags.  We are presently  working on an order of 480 rugs!!!! The materials used for weaving is  recycle strips of fabric from local tailors. 
This is the first time these ladies have done something for themselves and their earnings is allowing them to send their children to school, attend to medical difficulties but most of all is giving them confidence and empowerment. . .
Since they received the additional 33 RAG RUG LOOMS, these ladies have been weaving Rag Rugs like crazy. . .
They finished the year with great success. . . making more than 350 rugs additional rugs by the middle of December. . .Is this not INSPIRING?
If you missed the original post about the ladies of the CREATING WITH THREADS PROJECT and the heart-warming story of 6 year old HELIMA who weaves and sells placemats so that she is able to attend school. . . CLICK HERE
I can't tell you how thrilled John and I are to have been a part of this project. . .It's amazing how four little pieces of wood have made such a difference in people's lives. . .When we originally started making the looms, we were hoping organizations would benefit. . .especially the youth organizations such as SCOUTS  and 4-H. . .never dreaming how far-reaching the craft would go. . .Thanks to Marta and her foresight, the LADIES OF YOLA are bettering their lives. . .I think I can speak for all of us in. . .
Wishing the LADIES OF YOLA
another successful RAG RUG year!

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