Saturday, February 9, 2013

Rag Rug Loom Giveaway!

Calling all Rag Ruggers and Rag Rugging Wanna Bees!

John's been busy again!
This time putting together a Mini Rag Rug Loom 
that's the perfect size for weaving a hot pad
or a roomy coaster 
or a small rug for a doll house
or a decorating accent. . . .

I can think of so many uses for these cute little rugs. . . .

The loom is perfect for trying your hand at rag rugging
 before your invest in a larger one. . . .
Perfect for teaching the art of weaving, too. . . .
Or as a gift to a crafty friend!

I love this Mini Rag Rug Loom.
It's so much FUN!

It doesn't take long to make a Mini Rag Rug either.
I can weave one in less than two hours--
and that includes tearing the fabric. 

As a thank you to everyone for following The Country Farm Home
(and I DO Thank each and every one of you),
I'm giving away one of John's Mini Rag Rug Looms! *

The Winner will receive a loom and the instructions for weaving.
 I'll even throw in this Mini Rag Rug, too!

The rules are simple:

Become a Follower of The Country Farm Home
Leave a Comment on this post.

That's it! Easy. . . .

I'll reveal the Winner on February 18th--
right after Country Whites Weekend!

Speaking of which,
be sure and mark your calendars to join us next Friday-Sunday,
February 15-17 for the Country Whites Weekend party!
Cindy and I will be up when the rooster crows to open the festivities.
Hope you'll join in!

Hope you'll join the Mini Rag Rug Loom Giveaway, too!
Good Luck to Everyone!

. . .from my farmhouse to yours. . .

*Just a Note: The Mini Rag Rug Loom is not for sale online, yet. John's offering them to local groups and special orders.
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