Monday, August 3, 2015

Soda Crates in Farmhouse Style

Photo by Brian Woodcock, Country Living Magazine, July-August 2015 
"These fizz-tastic finds—from crates to coolers to syrup dispensers—are bubbling over with retro style."
One day last week I actually took a break and sat down with the newest issue of COUNTRY LIVING magazine. . .only to find that once again I was ahead of the game in FARMHOUSE décor. . .Let's face it. . . I do think outside the box many times in my decorating style. . .often finding a year or so later that the trend is heading that exact way. . .Doesn't bother me that I'm different. . .I enjoy buying while the prices are low. . .and challenging myself to use the great finds with FARMHOUSE STYLE. . .
"In the early 1900s, the burgeoning soda industry was made up of local drugstores who mixed and bottled small-batch recipes and delivered them in hand-stenciled crates. Today those rare boxes fetch up to $200. More recent specimens (like the 1950s and 1960s ones shown) go for $20."
Yikes!!!! $200!!!!! My point exactly. . .Only two or three years ago. . .when no one wanted soda crates. . .I was picking them up for $5 and less. . .Pickles!!!! (my word for 'heck'). . .Some people GAVE them to me and were glad to get rid of them. . .They probably laughed as I drove off.
I was actually collecting them for OUR OLD COUNTRY STORE displays. . .but a few did end up in the house. . .I especially enjoyed them in the summer. . .Maybe you remember?

It shows up again in August of 2014 on the back porch:
Cotton Pickin' time brought out the SODA BOX WAGON
and. . .a DOUBLE COLA BOX  by the fire was handy in WINTER. . .
SODA CRATES are still relatively inexpensive. . .You can find them for much less than $200. . .We went junkin' in Missouri last week and ran across many for $20 or less. . .They are so versatile for a FARMHOUSE look that I'd encourage you to add one or two to your decorating style. . .And while you're at it, don't forget about the VINTAGE SODA BOTTLES. . .They are super with the crates. . .Try putting a couple of daisies in the bottles and you'll have a instant eye-catcher with a lot of impact. . .
Country Living Magazine

Decorating FARMHOUSE STYLE is so easy. . .All you need is a make-do attitude. . .and an eye for possible uses other than the norm. . .Think outside the box (a soda box?). . .then set back and accept the compliments. . .


  1. Love all the photos of the old soda crates!! Maybe I'll see some at The Endless Yardsale later this week.

  2. I have always loved old soda crates and have a few myself! Love how you've styled yours. Glad they are still fairly inexpensive around here. Jane

  3. So true Dru, you are ahead of the game! I have had two soda boxes for years that I actually painted. Yikes! Now I would not cover up those graphics. One I painted rosemaling roses on the other side. The other I painted red and speckled it for an Americana display. I still have the red one and a few years back I added three that I just use as is. Love them and the old bottles!

  4. Keep herbs and spices on my counter in a Dr Pepper crate. Then a Coca Cola has all it's cubbies filled with bottles of paint in the craft room. Bought them about 15 yrs ago especially for these tasks.

  5. I do love finding these old bottle crates! My soon just recently purchased several and we hung them in a grouping on the wall, adding great old rusty and vintage items for a collage. Good to see you back!

  6. Love the old pop bottle crates, especially the wagon and the caddy. I use to have one to hold old cookbooks. It really looked cute.


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