Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Changes in the Bedroom

Well LADIES and GENTS, it's been another one of those Summers. . .where nothing has gone as planned. . .I DID take a little time this morning to gather up a few of  the junkin' finds and fabrics for the 'new' VINTAGE BEDROOM. . .I'm only experimenting. . .Nothing is etched in stone. . .but I thought I'd show you what I'm thinking. . .It always amazes me how different a bedroom--or any room--can look with a minimum of expense. . .especially if you go a little bit shabby and a little bit farmhouse. . .or as I've said many times before. . .PLAIN AND SIMPLE. . .
Absolutely love the new BLACK FLOORS. . .John did such a wonderful job. . .They look old and painted. . .which is just what I wanted. . .I've noticed in Country Living either this month or the last one that black floors are beginning to show up more and more. . .Mine have actually been down since the first of the year. . .I chose them for two reasons. . .With the black and white checkerboard FLOOR in the kitchen, I thought black floors in the living room off the kitchen. . .and in the bedroom off the living room. . .would compliment each other really well. . .The second reason was the price. . .I actually hadn't thought about a painted floor until we were shopping around for  flooring. . .It all looked too new for our old FARMHOUSE and for MY STYLE. . .Then the salesman said in jest, 'I have lots of old-looking black I'll sell you. . .Can't get rid of it". . .You should have seen his face when I said, "Let's go see!". . .He was kidding. . .I wasn't. . .Way, way back in the warehouse was where we found the pallet. . .I fell in love with it right away. . .but I didn't want to seem too enthusiastic. . .I needed a deal. . .AND I got one!!!!  Only 88c per square foot. . .It retailed for much, much more. . .He was almost ready to pay us to carry it off! . . .Sometimes things just work out, don't they? 
I thought the black might be a bit hard to keep clean, but honestly it's not. . .I keep an old-fashioned dust mop at hand. . .A quick swipe when necessary is all it takes. . .
The next challenge I had to meet was the ceiling fan. . .I needed one, but nothing looked old enough. . .Easy to find a fan alone that looks old. . .not so easy to find a light fixture. . .I did not see anything locally that fit the bill. . .'OH, JOHN. . .'    Bless his heart. . .He's always game to try out my ideas. . .
We bought the fan in black. . .Found a silver cage that we spray painted black. . .John gathered all the other makings. . .and in a few short hours, the one-of-a-kind FARMHOUSE FAN was completed. . .The above right photo is the fixture I took down. . .a little fancy for me. . .Remember. . .I'm PLAIN AND SIMPLE. . .

 I ran across this BEAUTIFUL QUILT while cleaning out the sewing room. . .I've had it about 20 years. . .always loved the detail. . .the SMOCKING and CURLICUES. . .Lots of movement. . .I didn't notice until I was editing the photos that the whirls mimic the METAL DOOR piece leaning against the wall. . .

Looks as if I did that intentionally, doesn't it? . . .Of course, I did. . .(grin). . .I'm trying to find the WHITE DRESSER I bought a few years back so I can replace the dresser you see here. . .I don't know where we stored it. . .If I don't find the white dresser soon, this one may 'turn white' one day when I have an extra minute or two. . .Like I said. . .these are all elements I MAY use. . .I've been known to change my mind. . .(wink). . .
FABRIC is forever my friend. . .Found this piece of BLACK FLOWERED UPHOLSTERY in my stash. . .I laid it on the CHAIR I plan to use in the bedroom. . .not tacked down. . .in case I find something I like better. . .The more I look at it, though, the better I like it. . .

The colors certainly compliment everything else, don't they? What do you think?
On the floor beside the bed is another REMNANT find. . .

It's a bit blurred but I'm sure you get the jist of it. . .I bought the heavy upholstery to make an area rug for the living room. . .Had searched and searched for a black and white check rug with no luck when I ran into this find for $5 (It's doubled in the photo) . .figured I'd make a rug. . .Now I don't know if I want to use it in the bedroom or the living room. . .I may have to search further for the living room. . .I'm liking it right where it is.

That's about all the time I had to play. . .On to other things the rest of this week. . .I do have an up-date on the porch. . .In case you missed the post, we had a bad Summer storm that took the front porch roof with it. . .Since that post, it's been verified that we had a tornado. . .We are so blessed that we had a house left. . .blessed and thankful. . .

We had damage to other buildings also that we are gradually repairing as the weather permits. . .Neither John nor I can work in a heat index of 115!!! . . .Looks like this Fall we'll have to remain closed for maintenance and repairs. . .instead of having our tours. . .The storms threw us off schedule. . .and we do want it safe for our visitors. . .It's almost like we're starting over again in many ways. . .
Sure hope YOUR Summer is going well. . .Miss not being as in touch with you all but the time flies away each day before we know it. . .I do have a NEW COLLECTION of. . . .Oh. . .I think I'll save that for another post. . .Give you something to look forward to. . .I promise I'll share soon. . .They are prim and farmhouse and inexpensive (right now). . .Who knows. . .I may be setting another trend? (grin)
 Sending BLESSINGS your way


  1. Your newly redecorated bedroom looks fabulous! Love the painted floor look. Sometimes decorating has to be a slow process, doesn't it?
    This summer has sure flown by!

  2. Just makes me want to jump up on that pretty bed and take me a nap. Simply gorgeous :)

  3. I love the bedroom, it is so restful and relaxing. I've really enjoyed my visit to your blog.

  4. The bedroom looks so wonderful and cozy and serene. Love that gorgeous bedspread and that little girl pillow on the chair so cute. Every thing looks so wonderful.

  5. Love what you did with the ceiling fan...also love your pretty bed!!

  6. I love your bedroom, so comfortable and it was such a beautiful softness. The like the black floors with your $5 rug! What amazing find. The fabric and luggage are perfect for that room. Love it all. Jo

  7. New to your blog and love it! Your bedroom is really coming along.

  8. New to your blog and love it! Your bedroom is really coming along.

  9. Love the bedroom.... so calm and beautiful.

  10. LOOOOVE your style and the bedroom could not be more perfect!!
    The bedspread is absolutely gorgeous.
    And the fan/light - amazing.
    So glad I found your blog
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful home!


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