Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Design Board For Ste. Genevieve Home

 Well. . .only a few days after I promised to post more often, I lost wi-fi for almost a month! . .I think it is up and running now, so we'll get on with the Ste. Genevieve home make-over. . .I did a design board with the style and basic colors. . .but there is a lot of room to make different decisions as I go. . .I don't know about you, but when I decorate I stay open to additional ideas. . .or a total change. . .The result is always a surprise even to me. . .

I sort of grouped together an example of where I think I am going with this. . .but as you can see. . .there is plenty of neutral backgrounds for a different look. . .Just have to move the furniture and accessories. . .I do love this neutral decor, though, so I won't be wandering off too far. . .I'm already considering several options for the floor. . .Paint or Checkerboard or leave as is? 

This is going to be FUN!!!!!


  1. Love it! It will be fun. Hope everyone will check back often!

  2. Will definitely check back. Your board looks calming and right up my alley. Thanks for always making me smile!


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