Wednesday, October 11, 2017

1888 PRIMITIVE: Just In Time For Fall


It was about this time last year when I spotted the 1888 handmade primitive pie safe at Vintage Market Antique Mall in Dexter, Missouri. . .Oh how I wanted it. . .My desire for primitives greatly increased while I was living in Virginia. . .Once we moved back to the farm, cabinets such as this we found few and far between. . .Most of the prim pieces I do have were acquired from other states--Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia. . .Our local area is a  relatively new settlement in American history. . .mostly populated in the early 20th century. . .It's hard to find these old pieces. . .The minute I spotted this one, my mouth was drooling. . .It contained all the elements of a folk piece that I love. . . handmade for the 'Misses'. . .somewhat of a Shaker influenced style. . .character. . .patina.

But. . .alas. . .I had absolutely no place to put it. . .at least not a year ago. . .and the price was pretty much out of my range for a piece that would be stored in a barn until I had a place for it. . .No telling how many more times we shopped at the Vintage Market in the next nine months. . .Each time I braced myself that my favorite cabinet just might be sold. . .I can't say I had any plans to buy it. . .only that I so enjoyed seeing it. . .running my hand over it. . .imagining the kitchen it must have stood in. . .and the lady who made the pies and cakes to put in it. . .Every time I shopped the mall, I would comment. . .'One day. . .'

My luck. . .and patience. . .held. . .

Spring and Summer this year has involved much work at the farm, culling out real 'junk'. . .moving in donations. . .doing inventory. . .I cleaned out three buildings of family items no longer needed and donated them to the church  'Rummage Sale' in August. . .It was quite a few tasks but feels good to get some organization. . .I also decided to change the tenant house from the hodge-podge of furniture and add some of our pieces from the house. . .With new open spaces left in our home,  I suddenly realized that I had a place for that Missouri pie safe. . .IF it was still available. . .We hadn't shopped there since the last of May. . .I hoped I wouldn't be disappointed but steadied myself just in case. . .

Truly to my surprise, it was still there. . .I couldn't remember exactly what the gentleman was asking for it. . .The tag was gone. . .so, I turned to the owner and asked, expecting the price to be high. . .He hesitated, as if he was weighing his words. . .'Oh, dear' I thought. . .This couldn't be good. . .When he finally spoke, you could have knocked me down with a feather. . .It was half of the original price, he said. . .I bought it at that very moment. . .It would be another trip to get it loaded onto John's truck. . .I wasn't taking any more chances. . .The cabinet was so heavy with solid wood that it would take four men to load and the same number of men once we got it home. . .Thank goodness for the Dildine farmhands who willingly showed up at 7:00 the next morning to unload it. . .John and I would never have gotten it off the truck. . .could not budge it.

The thing is, most people either love and appreciate primitives or they don't. . .I had to develop an eye for some of them myself. . .Wide plank boards. . .Layers of paint. . .One of a kind. . .Years and years of wear. . .Simplicity at its best. . .Now I treasure these pieces that are becoming very hard to find. . .I figure I'll be a 'Keeper of the Past' in this, too. . .I'm just an OLD SOUL. . .no getting around it.

If you're not a prim-loving person. . .that's alright. . .Makes life interesting. . .that we are not all the same. . .and that we can appreciate each other anyway. . .

It took a lot of time and patience to bring this 119 year old piece of history to our farmstead. . .Maybe that's how it was to be. . .so that this Old Soul would certainly enjoy and appreciate it even more. . .It's found a forever home. . .once more. . .


  1. Lovely piece! The story that comes with makes it all the better... I am sure you are enjoying it every day!

  2. I am so happy for you--and what a lovely piece and you have it decorated so nicely--I miss my 'old' stuff that I had in NY--Fl just doesn't go well with my style--oh well--!!
    enjoy the moments, di

  3. It is such a beautiful piece. I love primitives, I am so glad you brought her home where she can be loved. Congratulations

  4. So happy for you Dru! The cabinet is just perfecct. I do love prim, but it doesn't go in my home very well. I have a few pieces in the basement family room and I am always attracted to their rustic charm!

  5. Love your story and so glad you got the piece. Maybe I'm not looking in the right places but have a hard time finding prims in my area of Georgia. Hope you and your family enjoy the piece for years to come.

  6. It was meant to be yours in your home!

  7. Hi,
    Saw your post on Pinterest that you were interested in a Hoosier cabinet. I just picked one up. It's in really rough shape. I need to make some repairs to sturdy it up. Additionally it needs a serious cleaning. It is not one of the heavy oak pieces. It's definitely cheaper wood.

    You obviously appreciate antiques, so I would love to get your opinion on what color I should use to repaint, if there are any stencils or embellishments that you recommend. I can't imagine anyone ever using the Flour sifter so I was thinking of taking it out and making a shelf.

    Looking forward to your thoughts.

  8. Heart be still..I am wiping the drool off of my chin as I am crushing on that amazing gem. Did I mention that I adore it?


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