Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Sunday Thought

From Weekend Market Finds. . . .
May Your Sunday be filled with Many Blessings
 . . . .that will last the whole week long.
. . . from my farmhouse to yours. . .


  1. Darling little quilted piece:)

  2. I wish you the same :)
    I have to tell you I have that same bowl in the top photo, it was my grandmothers and she would make bread in it, and now I do too.

  3. And your Sunday as well. I do love the way you have framed this Grandmother's Flower Garden block. You have given me the inspiration I need to display the one lone GFG block that I have. Made for me by a friend years ago, and destined to be a "one of" (because those things are hard to make and I won't be making a whole quilt of them), I never knew how to use/display it. Until your post. You just made my day!

  4. What a sweet message Dru, I love your still-lifes. . . you do a great job staging and taking pics. . .

    I bought a *raggy* sun bonnet sue quilt for 5 bucks and I took one of the best blocks and framed it to hang in our guest room. Its such a shame to see this quilt in such bad repair, there was so much work put into it. . . all the bonnets had unique, intricate flowers embroidered on them. Because of this I kept the entire quilt and just fold it up for display.

    Have a Blessed Sunday,

  5. Wonderful post! Love the vintage quilt block and handwork. Lovely and to preserve it is fabulous!

  6. Blessings to you too my friend! Love the litte framed Dresden Plate.

  7. Love the quilted piece!!
    May you have many blessings that will last you the whole week too.

  8. I just love your framed quilt block, what a special treasure! I have my baby quilt that my Grandmother made for me when I was a baby, it has pieces of my Mothers dresses from when she was a little girl. I bought a tattered old quilt at a thrift store that I think I will use to cut and frame (at least part of it). I am always so inspired by your beautiful photos and ideas! Thank you. Have a wonderful day.

  9. I love the framed quilted piece and the Bible verse. So pretty!


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