Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Organizing for Your Lifestyle

Through the living room window, I see 'frozen'. . .ice, sleet, and a little snow on top. . .Nothing is moving. . .Not even the animals. . .John's pacing the floor with cabin fever. . . He has a uncanny knack for being in the very spot where I need to go. . .What's a girl to do? . . .Will Winter ever be over?

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Then I spotted a book I had laid on a table beside the couch to read in detail once the weather got bad. . .No time like the present. . .and the title reminded me of my annual New Year's resolution. . .to SIMPLIFY. . .and. . .ORGANIZE. . .I felt sort of guilty that I had already forgotten my resolve. . .

'Organizing for Your Lifestyle is a fun, inspiring guide to organizing all aspects of your life, from socks to suitcases. 
Studies show that decluttering and being organized can not only reduce stress, but provides peace of mind and improves your mood. In Organizing for Your Lifestyle, you'll learn the science behind organization and not only how to get organized, but how to stay organized.
Whether you are single or part of a large family, live in an apartment or a mansion, incorporating organization into your life can help maximize your potential to accomplish more on a daily basis. This book is arranged (very meticulously, of course!) into common themes to help you organize your home. From the kitchen to the bathroom, Stoller shares ideas, advice and inspiration to help you lead a happier and healthier life. There's also a special chapter for travel. Packing properly for a once-in-a-lifetime trip means you'll stress less and be able to enjoy that trip even more!'  Amazon.com

Actually, I had read ORGANIZING FOR YOUR LIFESTYLE by Jane Stoller back in December. I received a complimentary copy. . .but with the holidays, I had read it rather quickly. . .I wanted to re-read it for the details. . .There was something very reminiscent to me but I had no idea what. . .The second time, it became clear. . .Because of that enlightenment, this review will probably be totally different from any others you might read. . .but here goes anyway.

Organizing Jane--Facebook

ORGANIZING FOR YOUR LIFESTYLE took me back to the skills I learned growing up. . .from my Mom, as well as  from those Home Ec courses in high school that every young lady--back then--was required to take . . .I have lamented more than once that soon after I graduated, most Home Ec courses were dropped from the school curriculum. . .or if it remained, it was an elective. . . It was said, even in my high school days, that Home Ec kept women in the home and offered them no hope of anything but being a slave to housekeeping. . .I, on the other hand, never looked at it in that way. . .I embraced and appreciated the courses as a way to have it all. . .Let's face it, we have to live somewhere. . .and wherever we live, dust and spiderwebs accumulate. . .We  have to eat. . .so why not eat well--and healthy? . .Can't afford the latest fashions? . .Get out the sewing machine. . .But, none of this ever hindered me from going to college, completing two degrees, working in medicine, owning my own fashion design business, working at Colonial Williamsburg, and now owning and operating our own historic district.  It only meant I could have it all--I could work all day long, return to a clean, well-organized home, fix a healthy dinner, spend 10-20 minutes putting the house in order and find time the rest of my evening to curl up with a book, visit with friends, or just rest. . .It was BECAUSE I'd had the 'science of home economics' that my house and home was NOT in chaos. . .and sometimes the only part of my life that wasn't. . .The world can be stressful. . .Home should never be. . .
So I applaud Jane that she not only wrote an informative and easy-to-read book. . . but maybe without her realizing it, she has helped fill a niche of home economics knowledge that I feel has been lost. . .Aside from that, let me say that I thoroughly enjoyed readying Jane's book both times. . .I expected a stiff and boring DIY with step-by-step 'best ways' and illustrations. . .Honestly, I've seen one too many of those. . .But Jane captivated my interest. . .Her writing is inviting and personable. . .She speaks enthusiastically of the impact that organization can have on  our LIFESTYLE in a non-irritating, non-judgemental manner. . .She makes it plain from the beginning that you aren't required to copy her organization skills. . .She simply wants to INSPIRE. .

Organizing Jane--Facebook

Organizing Jane--Facebook

The book isn't only about paring down. . .There are plenty of wonderful suggestions for organizing. . .clearly arranged for every room in the house. . .Those suggestions offer a solid base for tailoring to our own personalities and type of home that we live in. . .There is even a chapter on travel and how to organize your luggage. . .The entire book is refreshing and motivating.

Now that I'm off my soap box (about home ec), I have to tell you that the last few years, our home is often stacked up with projects started but not finished. . .paperwork and mail to the ceiling. . .clothes in piles for Goodwill. . .but that doesn't mean I'm not striving. . .no. . .longing for that less chaotic home of my past. . .Downsizing has been the big problem. . .so, when I read Jane's book, it brought me back to that place. . .the place of home as a comfort. . .a safe place. . .a place of simplicity. . .and much less chaos. . .ORGANIZING FOR YOUR LIFESTYLE makes the goal seem obtainable. . .again. . .So, while the north winds continue to blow these next few days. . .I think I'll clean out a closet. . .

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