Saturday, January 28, 2012

Let's All Go To The Ritz

"R-e-e--utz The-a-tur"

How many of you remember calling the Ritz for movie information
and hearing these words on the other end of the line?

And how many remember this:

 And, this:

I had a treat today--a surprise from John.
We went on a date to the Ritz! $2 tickets and $1 popcorn! 

It was so much fun and very nostalgic.
(For more Ritz Theater history and vintage photos,
Click Here)

I snapped these photos today:

"Two adults? Four dollars, please."

John wore his Retro 50s jacket for the occasion.

Mississippi County's smallest museum--
the old phone booth.

Ken Jackson, Assistant Director, on the right.

Every seat is a good one!

Ah, yes, the snacks. . .

 If you're interested in seeing more Classic Movies at the Ritz, please let the Arts Council know. I think these Saturdays would be wonderful outings for any age!

Email the Arts Council of Mississippi County at:

Or, better yet,

  Phone them  at 870-762-1744,
and maybe they'll answer:  
"Re-e-e--utz The-a-tur". . .


Anonymous said...

How well I remember! Thanks for the article.

Rosie said...

I think the next Classic Movie will be March 10th--a Roy Rogers classic.

Bill said...

Brings back memories. Thanks!

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